Covet Products Showcase Nettletontribe’s Design Capabilities: Sydney Studio

16 Apr 2021 by Covet

On the cusp of celebrating their 50th anniversary, architecture and design firm, nettletontribe decided to give their Sydney studio a makeover to better express their design focus and showcase the quality of their work to clients. “We wanted to showcase what we do as architects and designers, and so the products that we chose had to represent that, as well as the corporate culture we wanted to express as part of the new fit-out,” says Jeremy Bishop, Director of nettletontribe.

The ground floor lobby played a pivotal role in that transformation. “The lobby is a street-level showcase for us,” Jeremy explains. “With reception on level one, what people see on the ground floor has to speak for itself and make a statement about who we are.”

Covet Products Showcase Nettletontribe’s Design Capabilities: Sydney Studio

The Challenge

Nettletontribe made the bold decision to stay in the offices whilst completing the renovation. This meant it was crucial to specify solutions that were simple and fast to install while still achieving the impactful dynamic of their vision and design. With the lobby also functioning as the building's main fire exit, any products used in that space had to be non-combustible to ensure staff could leave the studio safely in the event of fire. “Even though as architects we love certain looks - like warm timber finish - we couldn't use real wood because it's combustible,” says Jeremy.

The Solution

Kabebari Ever Art Wood timber look aluminium battens were the perfect solution for nettletontribe. Easy to install, fire-resistant and with a photorealistic genuine timber look - the product was the perfect combination of qualities for the studio's needs. "Kabebari Ever Art Wood battens allowed us to get that organic timber look finish without having to use real timber," says Jeremy and adds: "It's also a very durable product which is important for that space - we receive a lot of deliveries so we had to ensure that whatever we used in the lobby would be durable and could be easily replaced in case a part of it gets damaged."

Covet Products Showcase Nettletontribe’s Design Capabilities: Sydney Studio

The deep dark of Burakku Erumu finish on the battens provides a striking contrast to the floor, which was also updated using Covet's range of products.

Pietra 10mm Concrete Terrazzo Overlay with 6mm Koonunga Hill Dove Marble was selected to achieve the desired concrete, warehouse look in an exceptionally short time frame. The space already had existing floor tiles in place, and because of time constraints, the team didn't want to rip them up. Selecting a product that could be laid on the existing surface was crucial.

“The beauty of Covet Concrete Terrazzo Overlay is that it can be laid over the existing floor tiles - provided they're sturdy enough,” Jeremy explains the appeal of the product. “Once the inspection was done, and the existing tiles were deemed strong enough to overlay the product, it took just one weekend to pour the topping.”

With the rest of the office fit-out a combination of dark, black panels and light timber, the colour choices in the lobby complement the rest of the interior without being too literal. The result is an exceptional space that is an expression of nettletontribe's design capabilities, their brand's culture - and the quality of the finished product they deliver. “We've had lots of positive comments from clients,” Jeremy mentions enthusiastically. “They often ask what the product is, showing particular interest in the possibilities for commercial applications.”

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