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DECO Australia leads the Australian market in photo imaging (sublimation) finishing technology for aluminium in the architectural, design and building industries.

DecoWood is our premium textured woodgrain powder coating finish suitable for a wide range of aluminium products including cladding, battens, decking, windows and doors, fences and gates. It creates a Super durable, low-maintenance timber alternative, resolving common issues associated with real timber.

DecoArt reproduces custom and decorative images on low-maintenance, highly durable powder coated aluminium, and is commonly used for signage (DecoSign), kitchen splashbacks (DecoSplash) and other decorative architectural features. Other finishes include the rust and marble-look and newly launched concrete finish DecoCrete.

DECO also offers a range of expertly-designed architectural building products, all featuring our exclusive DecoWood or DecoArt finishes. These include: DecoClad, DecoBatten, DecoSlat, DecoDeck and DecoPanel.

DECO is proudly an Australian owned and operated family business. 

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