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02 Aug 2022 by Dolphy

As we know, due to the worldwide pandemic situation at hand, facilities are to maintain hygiene in the premises and to make sure to keep people healthy for the long term. When it comes to making sure your customers are taken care off in terms of maintaining their health and cleanliness, one of our incredible product range is the touch free soap dispenser available in Australia.

Nothing is more crucial now than adequate sanitisation and compliance to health and wellness regulations in all areas of workforce sectors, whether at an urgent care facility, a doctor's office, businesses, factories, and retail stores. When it comes to cleanliness and the eradication of hazardous bacteria, there can be no room for error in areas where people gather to socialise or work.

Unlike other workplaces, where the focus of hygiene is on public and private washrooms, appropriate bathroom accessory dispensers extend beyond that, as surgery prep stations and nurses' stations require immaculate washing facilities hygiene product dispensers for all medical personnel. As a result, many hospitals have begun to install automatic soap dispensers in their washrooms and prep areas. Because you don't have to touch these no-touch automatic dispensers with any part of your body, they have a higher level of cleanliness.

According to studies, an automatic no-touch dispenser on the Australian market improves the number of times people wash their hands by over 50%. Customers and employees are less likely to get illnesses or germs from others as a result of this rise. There is a lower risk of cross-infection, as well as a higher degree of comfort for everyone working in the corporate world.

Your business will spend less money on hand soap using our dispensers. According to recent studies, your soap prices will drop by 30% over the course of a year. You'll also be helping the environment by minimising the amount of plastic disposed of because you won't have to buy soap containers.

Dolphy is a prominent provider of ecologically friendly washroom and hygiene solutions in Australia. We provide the widest range of soap dispensers and sanitizer dispensers, hand dryers, sanitizer goods, paper towel, jumbo toilet paper rolls, disinfectant aerosol dispenser and shoe cover dispensers to businesses, hospitals, and retail stores across the country. Most of our washroom accessories and appliances can be wall mounted for easy access.

Consider our Automatic Soap-Sanitizer Dispenser, Slimline Paper Towel Dispenser or Eco-Pro Hand Dryer, which is accessible in Australia, if your facility wants to improve its cleanliness and hygiene.

Keep It Safe!!!!!!

WHO WE AREDolphy Australia is Australia's single brand manufacturer and supplier of hygienic hotel & Bathroom Supply Producta s as DOLPHY brand, we are the leader in services that help you manage hygiene risk, making working environments healthier and better places to be for both staff and visitors. Formerly known as Dolphy Hygiene, we have caredAustralianailan customer needs Like Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Shopping malls, Resorts, Industrial Park, Traders and Wholesaler. Dolphy supply Hand dryer, Hair dryer, Magnifying mirror, Soap dispenser, Sensor Tap, Toilet roll dispenser, paper towel dispenser, Cloth liner, Baby care units Etc.WHAT WE DO- Provide Dust & Germ Free Environment- Hygiene Environment.- Reduce Recurring Maintenance.- International Hi-Design Quotient Products- Provide Long-Term Value Products- Provide Advanced Technology SolutionsWHAT WE OFFERDOLPHY provides pretty good quality, Stylish Product outlook, Color range in many Product Category and competitive prices.DOLPHY products are unique, stylish and elegant. It is no doubt that DOLPHY are suitable for applications in hotels, Industries , apartments, shopping malls, schools, hospitals or clinics, restaurants and even residential. We view our customers as our most important assets.Through our integrity, our search for innovative products, and our excellent customer service, we aim to create an excellent service and product Range . We value our customer from point-of- sale to product support phase.


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