Functionality Meets Luxury At Dolphy

02 Aug 2022 by Dolphy

When it comes to finding the best hygiene appliances for your washrooms, different businesses have different considerations. Low-cost? Is it a sleek design? Is it possible to save energy? Is it reliable and robust? Fortunately, our latest extensive range of Plaza Series products satisfies all your needs!

Dolphy is the leading manufacturer of hygienic hotel & bathroom supply products. With our new Plaza Series, we offer a full range of hygiene products which includes Air - Jet Hand Dryer, Wall Mount Hair Dryer, Automatic and Manual Soap Dispenser, Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser, and Paper Towel Dispenser. Dolphy offers cutting-edge technology, convenient functionality, and an appealing and modern design to meet the needs and facilities of any enterprise. Dolphy products are competitively priced and developed to reduce operational costs, hence, making them cost-efficient and friendlier to the environment.

Our stunning line of products allows users to experience high speed and fast-drying technology which leaves them feeling luxuriate. Plaza Series is designed to be sophisticated, sleek, yet functional and robust with ABS plastic. Our versatile range of products also offers a medium to heavy range of hand dryers which are ideal for all commercial use.

With its new modern and chic look, the Plaza Series is tailored to meet the requirements of a wide variety of customers which include businesses, contractors, distributors, interior designers, and other organizations. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you to select the most suitable products for your washroom every time!

WHO WE AREDolphy Australia is Australia's single brand manufacturer and supplier of hygienic hotel & Bathroom Supply Producta s as DOLPHY brand, we are the leader in services that help you manage hygiene risk, making working environments healthier and better places to be for both staff and visitors. Formerly known as Dolphy Hygiene, we have caredAustralianailan customer needs Like Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Shopping malls, Resorts, Industrial Park, Traders and Wholesaler. Dolphy supply Hand dryer, Hair dryer, Magnifying mirror, Soap dispenser, Sensor Tap, Toilet roll dispenser, paper towel dispenser, Cloth liner, Baby care units Etc.WHAT WE DO- Provide Dust & Germ Free Environment- Hygiene Environment.- Reduce Recurring Maintenance.- International Hi-Design Quotient Products- Provide Long-Term Value Products- Provide Advanced Technology SolutionsWHAT WE OFFERDOLPHY provides pretty good quality, Stylish Product outlook, Color range in many Product Category and competitive prices.DOLPHY products are unique, stylish and elegant. It is no doubt that DOLPHY are suitable for applications in hotels, Industries , apartments, shopping malls, schools, hospitals or clinics, restaurants and even residential. We view our customers as our most important assets.Through our integrity, our search for innovative products, and our excellent customer service, we aim to create an excellent service and product Range . We value our customer from point-of- sale to product support phase.


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