About Eastern Commercial Furniture / Healthcare Furniture Australia

Bringing the best available design solutions to the table for over 30 years

“One thing that should never be overlooked is the quality, aesthetic and functionality of the furniture upon which we work, rest and recline.”

It is difficult to put a value on the furniture solutions you’ve selected in terms of how it helps people do their jobs: running businesses, fulfilling important functions within an organisation, teaching or caring for others.

At Eastern Commercial Furniture (ecf) and Healthcare Furniture Australia (HFA), our Melbourne-based teams work with clients to bring high-quality furniture solutions to projects of all scopes and dimensions. Whether it’s ergonomic office chairs, executive and task seating, desks, workstations, storage and breakout for commercial businesses or furniture for hospitals, aged care, nursing homes and mental health facilities including armchairs, sofas, dining room seating, joinery, storage and medical furniture – we make life easier for our design and project partners.

And we’ve done it for over 30 years, and counting.


ecf are certified to the latest joint Australian/International Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001 – Licence no. QEC 11554, since 1998, and it is our policy to achieve continuous quality improvement by applying the principles of this system throughout our organisation.

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