17 Jul 2019 by Enware

Enware recently exhibited at the 2019 Equinox in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, where our specification teams showcased some of Enware's innovative products and solutions that were integrated into the Desert Rose house project, Dubai.

The Desert Rose house, provides an affordable and sustainable living environment that encompasses the needs of older people as they continue to age.

Enware’s solution enabled aged users to safely access water as well as improve water efficiency and temperature control.

It was a fantastic event and we would like to extend our appreciation to everyone who was involved. We even managed to give away a Google Home to one lucky attendee who visited each of our events!

Click here to view the Desert Rose case study.

ENWARE IS A SPECIALIST PLUMBING AND PERSONAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER AND SUPPLIERSince 1937, Enware has been collaborating with industry experts to understand and supply specialist plumbing and safety equipment to a diverse range of industries including:- Hospital and health- Education from childcare to universities- Laboratory- Security and correctional facilities- Aged care and accessible disabled applications- Public amenities- Commercial residential projects- Commercial food premises and restaurants- Mortuary and funeral homes- Industrial and manufacturing plants- Mining, oil and gasWith deep knowledge and expertise across multiple industries, backed with extensive local design, engineering, and manufacturing capability, Enware helps our customers to solve complex challenges by delivering:- Improved water infrastructure and fixture delivery performance- Total cost of life savings- Superior accessibility for all- Enhanced risk mitigation and compliance improved safety outcomes.


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