09 Nov 2021 by Enware

Introducing Profilo Smart

Enware’s latest solution for the care and wellbeing market.

Sensationally designed and manufactured in Italy, the Profilo Smart Track and Cover System has limitless possibilities to adapt the bathroom to provide the right experience for each and every user.

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Introducing Profilo SmartProfilo Smart’s flexible system represents the perfect solution for addressing the needs of anyone, regardless of mobility capabilities and body characteristics.

Introducing Profilo SmartAA A Flexible Environment is a Smart One

Built in flexibility allows for the easy addition and removal of furniture along with easy vertical and horizontal adjustability.

Introducing Profilo SmartAdapt the bathroom enviroment according to the user’s needs.

Introducing Profilo SmartPlace the bathroom accessories anywhere on the track without any tools.

The Adaptable Bathroom

Introducing Profilo Smart

Wall Mounted Horizontal Track

The horizontal track allows you to attach and remove our wide range of dedicated products.

Arm Supports

Provide ergonomically safe and stable support for the use of bathroom elements.

Introducing Profilo Smart

Shower Seats

Support arms lift up for accessibility on selected models.

Wash Basins

Easy to reach, left and right support handles and adjustability for wheelchair users

Introducing Profilo SmartHeight and sideways adjustable

Introducing Profilo SmartRemovable from the wall mounted track

Not limited by design or colour

The cover design is available in anodized aluminium, and optional stainless steel.

Full customisation is available using our sublimation process, this is not printed, neither is it a graphic or sticker, it is a unique process that utilises a durable polyurethane powder coating, into which any photographic image can be transferred to create your own custom cover.

Introducing Profilo SmartAdd, change or remove the bathroom furniture or accessories easily, at anytime.

Introducing Profilo SmartChoose between a wide range of accessories.

Introducing Profilo Smart

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