Brooklyn Bowl

24 May 2022 by Excel Dryer Australia


  • 2,000-3,000 Daily Visitors +
  • Paper Towels = Clogged Toilets,
  • Dirty Restrooms, Not Eco-Friendly
  • or Aesthetically Pleasing
  • XLERATOR Hand Dryers
  • Improved Guest Experience,
  • High-End Design,
  • Environmentally Friendly,
  • Reduced Maintenance and Waste


  • XLERATOR Hand Dryers


  • Improved Guest Experience,
  • High-End Design,
  • Environmentally Friendly,
  • Reduced Maintenance and Waste

Brooklyn Bowl


Rolling Stone calls Brooklyn Bowl, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, “one

of the most amazing places on Earth.” It functions as a bowling alley, music

venue, restaurant, nightclub and bar and hosts up to 2,000-3,000 visitors a day.

As the first LEED-Certified bowling alley in the world, Brooklyn Bowl uses

XLERATOR high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers in their high-end

restrooms to promote sustainability and complement the high design and

iconic look of the facility.


Stephen Schwarz, General Manager of Brooklyn Bowl, doesn’t mince words.

“I personally can’t stand hand dryers,” he says. “Because my hands are wet

from a weak, warm blow. It drives me nuts.”

The hand dryer that really sticks in his craw is the Dyson Airblade. “It’s just

bizarre,” Schwarz says, miming the hand insertion required by the trough-style

dryer. “It’s an odd experience. There’s water everywhere and you’re trying not

to touch the sides. It’s almost like a game of Operation.”

But the XLERATOR is a different story.

“The dryers are great. We love ‘em,” he says. “They get used a ton, with

all the traffic through our bathrooms. We’ve had great success with them. It

keeps trash off the floor, keeps clogs out of the toilets. Bathrooms are cleaner,

guests are happier.”

In addition to improving the guest experience and eliminating maintenance

headaches for staff, the XLERATOR Hand Dryer’s low failure rate and Excel

Dryer’s strong customer support has also been a factor. “On the rare occasion

where we have an issue, customer service is great, the parts are easy to swap

out,” Schwarz says.

“The dryers are great. We love ‘em. Theyget used a ton, with all the traffic through our bathrooms. We’ve had great success with them. It keeps trash off the floor, keeps toilets from overflowing. Bathrooms are cleaner, guests are happier.”


For a place that is curated to the smallest detail, it was important for the XLERATOR to fit with the overall aesthetic of Brooklyn Bowl. “It’s an iconic Brooklyn place with an iconic look,” Schwarz says. “We put a lot of thought and effort into the way this place looks, including our bathrooms. And I think the XLERATOR has a sophisticated look that really fits the feel of the place and carries it through. So you’re not in this beautiful place and walk into something that looks like a gas station bathroom. You’ve got a great look in there. And the XLERATOR fits right in.”


“There’s a lot we had to do to achieve LEED status,” Schwarz says. “A lot was done in the construction and how the place was built and the materials that were used and then how we operate on a daily basis.” The 16-lane, 600-person venue is housed in 23,000 square feet of refurbished factory space in the former Hecla Iron Works Building. XLERATOR Hand Dryers were part of the plan from the very beginning. “Part of the green initiative was that hand dryers were going to be a better choice for us, in terms of energy consumption and waste,” Schwarz says.“And our first talent buyer said, ‘XLERATOR Hand Dryers are the best. You have to get them.’”

The XLERATOR is the only hand dryer in the industry with a dry time of 8 seconds* — tested to guidelines from the Global Hand Dryer PCR published by UL Environment — and it uses 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers. It represents a 95-percent cost savings when compared to paper towels, eliminating their labor, maintenance and waste. A peer reviewed (ISO 14040 standards) Life Cycle Assessment of XLERATOR confirmed it reduces the carbon footprint of hand drying by 50-75 percent compared to both traditional hand dryers and even 100-percent recycled paper towels. It is the first hand dryer to be BuildingGreen Approved® and helps facilities qualify for several LEED® v4 Credits and Green Globes to satisfy corporate and government sustainability goals. 

In addition to the XLERATOR, Brooklyn Bowl’s other eco-friendly features include:

  • 100% wind-powered electricity
  • LED stage lights (use 90% less energy than the typical draw)
  • Energy Star Certification wherever possible
  • Four ten-foot fans to augment HVAC system
  • Bowler’s lounge with 100% reclaimed cork floors
  • Stage floor made of 100% recycled truck tires

Brooklyn Bowl

“Part of the green initiative was that hand dryers were going to be a better choice for us, in terms of energy consumption and waste, And our first talent buyer said, ‘XLERATOR Hand Dryers are the best. You have to get them.’”

“ When we built the place, both in the tradespeople and the products that we sourced, we did our best to shop as locally as we could. And the fact that we’re talking about a family-owned company, U.S.-made, just a few hours north from here, that was important to us.”

One of Brooklyn Bowl’s most interesting energy-saving features is its pin-spotter system, a key component of any bowling alley. “The pins are actually on strings,” Schwarz explains. “A traditional pin-spotter has three motors tumbling the pins, sorting the pins, dropping them. This has one drawbar that pulls the strings back on a pulley. It uses about 25% of the electricity of a regular pinspotter.”


Brooklyn Bowl’s green practices go hand in hand with their local commitment. In order to eliminate waste, they only serve tap beer in the bar — no bottles or cans. And all 10 drafts are brewed locally in Brooklyn. 
“With Brooklyn Brewery right next door and Six-Point and Kelso in the borough, we’re able to have beer delivered locally and save all that gas and carbon emission,” Schwarz says. The local flavor extends to the restaurant as well. Instead of the cafeteria and vending machine fare common to most bowling alleys, Brooklyn Bowl called on NYC stalwart Blue Ribbon to run the show with a menu featuring their famous fried chicken and other favorites. As the Brooklyn Bowl slogan goes, “Our beers are all local, our chicken is fried, and now it’s official we’re LEED Certified.” The local-minded thinking contributed to Brooklyn Bowl’sdecision to go with the XLERATOR as well. “When we built the place, both in the tradespeople and the products that we sourced, we did our best to shop as locally as we could,” Schwarz says. “And the fact that we’re talking about a family-owned company, U.S.-made, just a few hours north from here, that was important to us.” Excel Dryer’s expanded product line — featuring XLERATOR, XLERATOReco® and ThinAir® Hand Dryers — now comes with enhanced features including sound, speed and heat control, multi-voltage options (110-120V or 208-277V) and an externally visible service LED to streamline maintenance. With the most options and accessories in the industry, you can create the best hand drying solution for any restroom environment. Brooklyn Bowl is on a roll with the XLERATOR. 

Time for you to get in the game. Make the change from paper towels today!

Brooklyn Bowl

*Dry time and energy use testing performed by SGS International on standard XLERATOR Hand Dryer with 0.8” nozzle to 0.25g or less of residual moisture, pursuant to the UL Environment Global Product Category Rules (PCR) for Hand Dryers.

Excel Dryer Australia
Excel Dryer Australia
The worlds most advanced hand dryer!The XLERATOR hand dryer uses patented technology to make hand drying fast and efficient. Designed with a high-velocity air stream and contoured nozzle that completely eliminates water droplets and vapor, the XLERATOR dries hands very quickly. As a result, people actually like to use the XLERATOR.XLERATOR dryers help facility managers save thousands of dollars annually by eliminating the need for paper towel dispensers and their maintenance. On average, XLERATOR offers a 95% cost savings over paper towels. Check our case studies section to learn how Fenway Park, Sacramento High and Northwestern Memorial Hospital saved money by installing XLERATORs.XLERATOR uses 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers. Facilities around the world use the XLERATOR as an integral part of efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and meet environmental sustainability goals. The XLERATOR has been recommended by the Green Restaurant Association and the Green Hotels Association as the premier environmental solution for the food service and hospitality industries. The XLERATOR has also been named a Top 10 product by Environmental Building News.


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