Compressed Fibre Cement Cladding is the Right Choice for your Next Project.

20 Jun 2022 by Fairview

CeramaPANEL compressed fibre cement panels are an affordable, eco-friendly, non-combustible construction solution that maintains a first-class visual appeal, while helping to meet your budget challenges and creative design scope.

With installers and builders constantly juggling budget and construction timelines, a not-so-new player in the market is gaining traction and reputation for the many efficiencies it offers.

Fairview’s CeramaPANEL is a cost-effective, through-coloured compressed fibre cement cladding that is free from asbestos and is also weather and termite-resistant, making it an ideal solution for urban community-based designs, such as hospitals, council offices and schools.

CeramaPANEL also offers onsite efficiencies in terms of ease and speed to install by incorporating the ability to have accessories calculated and supplied with the panel.

The reinforced cement, cellulose and mineral content has been manufactured to highlight the natural textures and colours – even having the ability to wear like organic stone over time.

Top Performer

Fairview’s commitment to quality was key in selecting a through-coloured CFC solution for the Victorian and Queensland markets. Supplied via a distributorship arrangement with Panelcorp, CeramaPANEL provided the easy choice – known for its quality, compliance, and performance.

Boasting pre-finished elements and large sheet sizes, CeramaPANEL is easily cut onsite and is surprisingly thin, with exceptional physical properties.

CeramaPANEL offers the flexibility to choose from different profiles and various colours, from muted monochromes and natural palettes to vivid shades for modern design applications and urban new builds.

Compliant & Safe

The pre-finished through-coloured panels are non-combustible, low maintenance and installed on a ventilated façade system consisting of two layers separated by an air cavity, which prevents rainwater from penetrating and diffuses water vapour from the inside.

The panels come with a 15-year warranty compared to the more common 10 years given by competitor brands and a life expectancy of at least 50 years, making our high-performing CFC cladding solution tough enough to last in the harsh Australian climate.

In addition to all the above, the backing and support of one of Australia’s largest technical divisions for façades, Fairview’s ongoing commitment to innovation of simplified, verified and certified systems is key in reducing liability of trades as well as principal contractors.

Fairview’s dedication to the total fulfillment of their client’s and customer’s expectations is reflected by a complete quality control system, beginning at the point of specification and continuing through to delivery of the guaranteed products.

Fairview are trusted for absolute compliance across their extensive product range, with a product for every façade need.

Save money on the latest facade designs and do your new build budget a favour.

Contact our team today, to request a sample and feel the difference that CeramaPANEL CFC cladding can make to your new build project.

With almost 30 years’ experience in the façade industry, Fairview is committed to providing aesthetically pleasing and safe cladding products to the construction industry. Our aim is to consistently facilitate the successful delivery of innovative façades that meet the requirements and vision of every project.With one of the largest stock holds in Australia, we have the ability to ensure a consistent and timely supply to our dedicated installer network. In addition, our flexible and innovative approach allows us to work closely with our clients to deliver the best possible project outcomes.Our HistoryFairview Architectural was developed to primarily service the aluminium composite façade market with our product Vitrabond. After several years, we began manufacturing Ceramapanel pre-finished CFC and soon after, secured the coveted ArGeTon terracotta façade tiles distribution for Australia.Our expansion into the United Kingdom market with our flagship product Vitrabond allowed us to establish a global presence, and this, in addition to growing our suite of façade solutions, indicated the need for a strategic realignment of our brand. In 2015 Fairview Architectural moved to simply be known as Fairview. This new approach allows us to better house the extensive suite of products we now manufacture and distribute and more effectively represents the innovative and professional company we have become.Our flexibility and attention to innovation, allowed us the ability to develop a range of non-combustible aluminium composite panel solutions, as part of our focus on addressing the issue of combustible façades; launching Vitracore G2 in 2015 and Vitradual in 2017.Corporate FoundationOur MissionInnovative and proactive organisation, consistently delivering industry leading façade solutions; renowned for excellence of product and superior customer service.Our VisionTo lead the industry through consistently facilitating the successful delivery of innovative façade solutions.Our ValuesTrust and respect / We work together to create a culture of interdependence built on trust, respect and dignity for all. Each person’s contribution is critical to our success.Achievement and Excellence / We strive for excellence in everything we do; we challenge our thinking and look beyond the obvious.Customer Service / We serve people in a way that is above and beyond what is expected.Meaningful Innovation / We are the Façade Company that invents products and solutions that matter.Uncompromising Integrity / We are open, honest and direct in our dealings.Solutions Minded / We are passionate about developing and presenting solutions for every project.


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