Vitracore G2: The Most Stringently Tested Bonded Laminate

20 Jun 2022 by Fairview

What are bonded laminates?

As the focus shifts to recladding projects, architects, designers and specifiers are looking at alternatives to the type of aluminium composite panels (ACPs) – specifically those with a flammable polyethylene core – that were responsible for the recent streak of apartment tower fires.

Whilst solid aluminium panels have emerged as a viable solution due to their inherent non-combustibility, there exists other non-combustible alternatives such as Vitracore G2 where its performance exceeds that of solid aluminium, from its thermal performance to how it performs in real life fire events.

There are also misconceptions about ACPs within the industry that should be addressed. There are composite cladding solutions that do not have a flammable polyethylene core and are non-combustible in accordance with the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) – Fairview’s Vitracore G2, a bonded aluminium panel solution with a non-combustible profiled aluminium core, is one such solution. Vitracore G2 offers the architectural benefits of ACPs – light weight, strength, and durability – while delivering ample fire resistance. 

A little about Vitracore G2.

Fairview introduced Vitracore G2 to the market in 2016. Since then, we’ve supplied over 1 million sqms of Vitracore G2 to new build and rectification projects across Australia.

Vitracore G2 is not only a fully compliant and safe solution, but also the cost-effective choice that offers limitless design options.  

Smart Cladding

On site, Vitracore G2 can be machined with precision and it’s far lighter and easier to install than the usual ACP. It needs minimal maintenance too, altogether making Vitracore G2 cost effective.

John Wallace, Victoria State Sales Manager, says “Vitracore G2 is a popular choice because it’s at least a 30% cost saving for supply and installation. It’s half the weight of 3mm Solid Aluminium. and can be fabricated three times quicker. It’s an installers dream!”

Design possibilities

There is NO compromise on design. Vitracore G2 uses the PPG coating system so it’s available in the same extensive colour range as Fairview’s leading solid aluminium panel, Vitradual.

Rob Gray, New South Wales State Sales Manager, says “the NSW market chooses Vitracore G2 because it’s fully compliant to AS1530.1 and AS1530.3, while also being fully Insured by the top 10 Insurance companies, with no extra premiums. Vitracore G2 ticks all the boxes!”

Simply compliant

Let’s talk about Vitracore G2 in the real world. A perfect example of Vitracore G2 being used for rectification projects is the Monash House Private Hospital.

By using Vitracore G2 to replace problem cladding, meant the building achieved compliance using Vitracore G2 while ensuring the look and appeal of the project remained consistent. The replacement had to be something light-weight and easy to install to ensure the job of replacing the old façade was simple and efficient.

We spoke to Ashley How, Fairview’s Head of Innovation to get an understanding of what the testing regulations are when it comes to bonded laminates.

“The testing regulations, when it comes to bonded laminates are fairly simple. The BCA has a selection of requirements of the materials suitable for use when non-combustible materials are required. These types of products include painted metal sheeting, compressed fibre cement and bonded laminates, among others”, Ashley says.

For the bonded laminates specifically, it sets out three requirements:

  1. The first requirement is that the layers are non-combustible to AS 1530 Part One. AS 1530 Part One, is a small and intense furnace test. The product’s layers are put into a furnace for half an hour. If that flame is more than five seconds, within a half an hour period, the product is deemed combustible.
  2. The second testing regulation that the BCA requires is the whole panel. So that’s the panel, comprising of all layers, all finishes, and so forth, is tested to AS1530, Part Three. This is a radiant heat test.
  3. This is quite intense and has a small pilot flame. The product is exposed for a period, and it is measured against several indices, including ignitability and flame spread. With Vitracore G2, we received zero for ignitability and zero for flame spread.
    The third requirement of the BCA for bonded laminates, is that the adhesive layers are less than one millimeter in thickness and the total thickness of the adhesive layers is less than two millimeters.
    Vitracore G2’s adhesive layers are produced at 45 microns. Therefore, as a whole panel it is well under 10% of the permitted allowance in the Building Code. Of course, large scale testing is important, however it is not required under the Building Code, but Vitracore G2 has been tested large scale and indeed, in real life fire scenarios. In these events, it’s been shown to prevent the spread of fire.

In verified test situations (and two real-life site incidents) the Vitracore G2 panels did not conduct or spread fire. Vitracore G2 has never failed a BS8414 test where non-combustible insulation was used and where the test was conducted under official test guidelines by a qualified and independent materials testing and product qualification testing company. Vitracore G2 tests demonstrate that – when installed correctly – there is no propagation of fire and temperatures are within the prescribed test limits.

Vitracore is the most stringently tested product.

Fariview has invested over $800,000 into diverse and stringent testing of Vitracore G2 – The facts are that Vitracore G2 aluminium cladding has undergone the most demanding and stringent levels of testing stipulated, and it remains among the safest and most certified, compliant cladding products available.

The learn more about the importance of fire safety and bonded laminates, DOWNLOAD OUR EBOOK!

With almost 30 years’ experience in the façade industry, Fairview is committed to providing aesthetically pleasing and safe cladding products to the construction industry. Our aim is to consistently facilitate the successful delivery of innovative façades that meet the requirements and vision of every project.With one of the largest stock holds in Australia, we have the ability to ensure a consistent and timely supply to our dedicated installer network. In addition, our flexible and innovative approach allows us to work closely with our clients to deliver the best possible project outcomes.Our HistoryFairview Architectural was developed to primarily service the aluminium composite façade market with our product Vitrabond. After several years, we began manufacturing Ceramapanel pre-finished CFC and soon after, secured the coveted ArGeTon terracotta façade tiles distribution for Australia.Our expansion into the United Kingdom market with our flagship product Vitrabond allowed us to establish a global presence, and this, in addition to growing our suite of façade solutions, indicated the need for a strategic realignment of our brand. In 2015 Fairview Architectural moved to simply be known as Fairview. This new approach allows us to better house the extensive suite of products we now manufacture and distribute and more effectively represents the innovative and professional company we have become.Our flexibility and attention to innovation, allowed us the ability to develop a range of non-combustible aluminium composite panel solutions, as part of our focus on addressing the issue of combustible façades; launching Vitracore G2 in 2015 and Vitradual in 2017.Corporate FoundationOur MissionInnovative and proactive organisation, consistently delivering industry leading façade solutions; renowned for excellence of product and superior customer service.Our VisionTo lead the industry through consistently facilitating the successful delivery of innovative façade solutions.Our ValuesTrust and respect / We work together to create a culture of interdependence built on trust, respect and dignity for all. Each person’s contribution is critical to our success.Achievement and Excellence / We strive for excellence in everything we do; we challenge our thinking and look beyond the obvious.Customer Service / We serve people in a way that is above and beyond what is expected.Meaningful Innovation / We are the Façade Company that invents products and solutions that matter.Uncompromising Integrity / We are open, honest and direct in our dealings.Solutions Minded / We are passionate about developing and presenting solutions for every project.


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