Penetration Vent Repair

31 Jan 2023 by ICP Building Solutions Group

Incomplete flashings, cracking at flange, and deteriorated sealants are easily repaired with APOC 581 Silicone Roof Patch and Incredible Tape. Watch this Built-Up Roof Penetration Vent Repair video for a step-by-step guide on performing a vent repair with APOC.

APOC 581 Silicone Roof Patch

APOC 581 Silicone Roof Patch is a high performance repair product for use in roofing & waterproofing applications. 581 Silicone Roof Patch is highly flexible and can be used to seal flashings, curbs, penetrations, seams, HVAC Units and many other types of repairs, providing excellent adhesion to most common building materials and will withstand extreme weathering. 581 Silicone Roof Patch is ideal for the contractor that demands maximum performance, ease of use and innovative technologies that benefit our workplace and our environment.

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ICP Building Solutions Group
ICP Building Solutions Group
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