Do You Use Akril Or Zenolite?

16 Mar 2023 by Innovative Splashbacks

This month we’re going to look at alternatives to Akril and Zenolite, two very common acrylic splashback products.

And if you’re using these products, you’re going to be in for a pleasant surprise.

Plus I’m sharing a case study of a science lab project we helped with.

And our printed WOW Factor of the month.


Let’s go.

$4,000 Cheaper Than Akril

In the acrylic polymer splashback market, apart from Innovative Splashbacks, Akril and Zenolite are the other major players.

Now, I’m not here to talk poorly about other product. That’s not our style.

They’re well respected and common products.

Instead, this is a simple explanation of the difference between what they offer the market and what we offer.

We do this so you can choose the option which suits you best.

And of course if you’re looking for alternatives, we have one for you.

What we did differently.

When we started Innovative Splashbacks, we went searching for what wasn’t being offered.

Very much like the story of Richard Branson asking the passengers on a British Airways flight what they hated about the airline … and setting up Virgin Airways to solve these problems.

We did this, and what we did was set ourselves apart by:

  • Offering custom sizes, and even out of square cuts. This means instead of paying full sheets including material you won’t use, you only purchase what you need. This can be far more economical and of course installation is much faster as well. Not to mention less wastage to get rid of.
  • Offering cutouts such as tap holes and GPOs. Again while this cutting is simple to do on-site, it can also save labour on-site and speed up the installation.
  • Custom colours from any paint range or sample sent to us. We even matched a carpet tile once. And there are NO minimum order quantities or ludicrous wait times. Expect 3 extra working days for custom colours. We want our clients to have a choice of colours outside our standard range.
  • High definition digital prints, including any high resolution image, graphic or pattern all formatted and supplied to size requirement
  • Helping our clients with colour choices with our in-house qualified interior designer
  • Faster production times. We can turn around jobs quickly in days if necessary, and eliminate the extra wait for custom colours which can often be weeks

Do You Use Akril Or Zenolite?

Potentially huge savings

One customer who took advantage of our cut-to-size panels is lining up a huge win.

We just quoted a job and our quoted price came in 22% cheaper than the alternative product Akril, saving them just over $4,000.

Plus we are supplying the panels in one piece, eliminating a join.

And of course they will be delivered ready to install to save them even more labour costs.

It was a big win for them which we were delighted to deliver.

Of course, we also provide full panels in different sizes too, so you’re free to purchase these or take advantage of our value added offerings.

We know our full panel size sqm rate is cheaper than the alternatives so you save money no matter which way you go.

If you’re considering alternatives or you’re interested in seeing what your options are, click on the button and send us a message.

We’ll get back to you with whatever you need, from information, samples and even pricing for your upcoming jobs.

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Case Study - Top University Turns To Innovative Splashbacks For University Science Labs

Do You Use Akril Or Zenolite?

Materials are changing so quickly that many of industry’s sacred cows have been slaughtered and laid to rest.

Once a standard in the architects toolkit, glass splashbacks are now under pressure from acrylic.

Recently one of the world’s top 100 architects chose acrylic splashbacks for the science labs in a major university.

Do You Use Akril Or Zenolite?

They knew a university science lab would get a serious workout. And they needed a material which was tough, easy to maintain and impossible to tell apart from glass.

Better still it was faster to install since a glazier wasn’t required. The installation was done quickly by the onsite carpenters. And this is also often performed by plumbers, handymen and DIY renovators.

The money saved on the installation was added to the savings made on the purchase, making it a financial win for their client.

Any adjustments to panels can be made onsite with standard woodworking tools. And if extra panels were required they would be on-site in days, not weeks.

Do You Use Akril Or Zenolite?

Also, delivery dates were guaranteed and locked in, meaning the builder could schedule their works in, knowing the product would be on-site exactly when promised.

It was the perfect solution for a project with a tight deadline which demanded a high quality finish.

Do You Use Akril Or Zenolite?

We get plenty of reviews from our customers. Here's a couple I want to share with you.

“We searched for an alternative to glass splashbacks after getting some prices & came across Innovative Splashbacks, exactly what we were after for an affordable price. We installed them ourselves to two showers, laundry & kitchen. Easy to measure & install, staff were more than happy to discuss & provide advice as needed. They look fantastic & we could not be happier, thanks to the whole team.”

Ivan Luketic, Bayside Design and Drafting, Geelong

“From the moment of sending through a query to the moment of completing the installation I received the friendliest and most helpful attention which made the experience very easy. I would recommend if you want to install a splashback in your home to use Innovative Splashback. The attention to detail was superior and the support along the way provided me and my partner with the courage to install the splashback in my kitchen - it was the first time I had ever used this material. Thank you Elli and the team.”

Vivian Alarcon, Sydney

Wow Factor Of The Month

It's time to show off one of our favourite jobs of the month.

We love showcasing our work.

And we do so many prints, we’ve got too many options to choose from.

Before I showcase our favourite print jobs of the month … here’s an announcement.

While we do printed acrylic splashbacks and deliver across the country … we now do printed GLASS splashbacks in Melbourne and Geelong.

For now, it’s difficult to deliver printed glass economically across Australia so we’re working on it.

We’re happy to quote if you’re not in Victoria, however the delivery might make it too expensive. Meanwhile remember we send printed acrylic splashbacks across the country all the time.

Birds Of Paradise

This is our favourite project of the month, and in fact it’s well up there in our all-time favourites.

The image was supplied by an artist in New Zealand for a client in Port Douglas.

This stunning splashback is over 2m x 2m and looks sensational.

Take a look at a couple of shots we were sent prior to caulking.

Do You Use Akril Or Zenolite? 

Do You Use Akril Or Zenolite?

This cute image will help children feel better

Here’s a cute splashback we supplied to a hospital in Melbourne.

This went into the children’s section and I’m sure you agree, it would be a hit with the kids.

The architect supplied the basic image to us, and we replicated and formatted it to fit across every single panel.

(We have a qualified interior designer here who can do all this for you too).

Do You Use Akril Or Zenolite?

And while we’re on this project, here’s a painted splashback from another section of the same hospital. It came up sensationally, especially with the lights above it.

This colour is Dulux Lush Hosta and was just one of the custom colour acrylic splashbacks in this hospital in Melbourne.

Do You Use Akril Or Zenolite?

I'd love to get your feedback.

You can drop me a line at [email protected]

Or you can call me on 0418 548 743.

Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you might have. 

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Innovative Splashbacks
Innovative Splashbacks
"High class designs demand high class finishes, and this is exactly what our unrivaled acrylic polymer splashbacks provide” Innovative Splashbacks are Australian Made custom acrylic splashbacks and decorative wall panels. They are made from the highest quality acrylic polymer available on the world market and have many advantages over glass, tiles and other splashback products. Our luxury acrylic splashbacks offer a modern, stylish and vibrant look without the cost and fragility of glass. Innovative Splashbacks and wall panels are the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, shower walls, laundries, bars, decorative feature walls - virtually any vertical surface in your home and business. The Innovative Splashbacks Journey It all started with a renovation! Husband and wife Hugh and Elli were renovating their home and searched high and low for options for their shower and kitchen walls. After being forced to tile their kitchen and shower, they realised thousands of people just like them were being let down. They didn’t like tiles and grout. Yet glass was out of their budget. Elli in particular didn't want to pay big bucks for glass splashbacks that could break even after installation. Having a young family, they were mindful of needing something durable. They even saw acrylic in the ‘big box’ hardware stores but were disappointed by the lack of colour choices and the quality. And they didn’t want to have to cut it themselves. This however it sparked an idea. What if they could produce a high quality acrylic splashback which looked identical to glass and was cut to size in any colour or design people wanted? Innovative Splashbacks is a unique combination of high quality European acrylic, painted in-house in any colour people want. They even offer metallic and pearlescent colours as well as digital prints. Better still they are cut to size, exactly as their clients require it. They are proudly the first in Australia to supply printed acrylic splashbacks, which remain the highest quality available in Australia. They are the first to be officially certified as Australian Made. And are the first to offer an in-house interior design service to help you choose colours and/or images. Today Innovative Splashbacks supply a range of clients from DIY renovators to joiners and many of Australia’s leading builders and architects for both residential and commercial projects.


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