Innovative Splashbacks Helps Australia’s Youngest Tiny Homes Builder

08 Mar 2023 by Innovative Splashbacks

There’s nothing like ambition.

And Mitchell Phillips is a remarkable and ambitious young man.

In 2019 the high school student from South Australia started building his very own tiny home for his year 12 project, and we knew we had to help out.

So we contacted Mitchell through his school and offered to help by supplying him acrylic panels at no cost.

Naturally he was delighted and enthusiastically took us up on our offer. 

And you can see how it has helped. 

His bathroom is only 2300mm long and 900mm wide – barely 2 square metres. And of course Mitchell was concerned it would feel cramped. 

Innovative Splashbacks helped overcome this. 

The way the gloss finish and light grey colour reflects light makes if it feel spacious, and according to Mitchell:

“Gives it a modern and sleek look … and have the high-end look of a glass splashback” .

Before we contacted him, he was disappointed with the other products on the market which has a “cheap look to them and didn’t have nearly the range of colours”.

Another plus is that tiny homes are often built to be transportable, and because Innovative Splashbacks are lightweight and flexible they can be relocated.

There isn’t the added weight of glass or tiles, nor is there any grout which could crack. 

Better still, even though he was only 17 years old Mitchell had no problems drilling holes and working with the product, and found it easy to work with and install. 

What is the future of tiny housing in Australia?

According to Mitchell the concept is very appealing to a lot of people, and has the potential to be an affordable and straight forward alternative to traditional homes. 

We are proud to have played a part in encouraging this amazing young man and look forward to watching his journey, and the tiny homes movement grow. 

If you’re building tiny homes and you’re interested about how we can help you with your projects then contact Innovative Splashbacks on 0418 548 743. 

You can find out more at http://innovativesplashbacks.com.au/ 
And you can see our latest projects at https://www.facebook.com/InnovativeSplashbacks/
P.S. Innovative Splashbacks also produce high definition printed splashbacks. 
You can see our range of printed splashbacks (which were not used in this project) at 

Innovative Splashbacks
Innovative Splashbacks
"High class designs demand high class finishes, and this is exactly what our unrivaled acrylic polymer splashbacks provide” Innovative Splashbacks are Australian Made custom acrylic splashbacks and decorative wall panels. They are made from the highest quality acrylic polymer available on the world market and have many advantages over glass, tiles and other splashback products. Our luxury acrylic splashbacks offer a modern, stylish and vibrant look without the cost and fragility of glass. Innovative Splashbacks and wall panels are the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, shower walls, laundries, bars, decorative feature walls - virtually any vertical surface in your home and business. The Innovative Splashbacks Journey It all started with a renovation! Husband and wife Hugh and Elli were renovating their home and searched high and low for options for their shower and kitchen walls. After being forced to tile their kitchen and shower, they realised thousands of people just like them were being let down. They didn’t like tiles and grout. Yet glass was out of their budget. Elli in particular didn't want to pay big bucks for glass splashbacks that could break even after installation. Having a young family, they were mindful of needing something durable. They even saw acrylic in the ‘big box’ hardware stores but were disappointed by the lack of colour choices and the quality. And they didn’t want to have to cut it themselves. This however it sparked an idea. What if they could produce a high quality acrylic splashback which looked identical to glass and was cut to size in any colour or design people wanted? Innovative Splashbacks is a unique combination of high quality European acrylic, painted in-house in any colour people want. They even offer metallic and pearlescent colours as well as digital prints. Better still they are cut to size, exactly as their clients require it. They are proudly the first in Australia to supply printed acrylic splashbacks, which remain the highest quality available in Australia. They are the first to be officially certified as Australian Made. And are the first to offer an in-house interior design service to help you choose colours and/or images. Today Innovative Splashbacks supply a range of clients from DIY renovators to joiners and many of Australia’s leading builders and architects for both residential and commercial projects.


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