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Made from natural quartz and various particles, each engineered stone surface is perfect for kitchen and bathroom benchtops, splash backs as well as living spaces or various commercial uses.

Our new formula was designed to be non intrusive and create a safer work environment for all stone fabricators. This is the reason V Surfaces by Lithostone has a low Silica content.
Lithostone continue to source products from across the globe, that not only provide the market with unique designs, improved formulations but also provide a safer option whilst considering the environment.

Its quality properties ensure minimal maintenance and guaranteed longevity by withstanding exposure to heavy wear and tear, keeping the surfaces looking like new. Its extremely durable, heat resistant and scratch resistant making it hard to scratch and even harder to stain.

All Lithostone overseas manufacturers are carefully researched and specifically chosen for their quality products and ethical work safe practises. Our suppliers are NSF and Green Guard certified.

It has been widely used in the marketplace by architects and designers with a 15 year limited warranty.

Lithostone has a sophisticated palette of 28 colours varying in textured from soft mineral flecks, to unique veining which compliments any design application.

Lithostone also distribute a fine selection of Marble, Granite and Onyx stone.

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