Beautiful Lopi Linear Gas Fireplace

10 Jan 2023 by Lopi Fireplaces

Truly an undeniable transformation from start to finish with this added gas fireplace feature by Lopi to the home!

Client’s testimonial “We cannot recommend enough our beautiful Lopi 4415 fireplace. It is now a stunning feature in our home, and dramatically changed the look of the living area. The fireplace is perfect for our double-story open plan home and warms the entire house.”

Location: Coastal town in Kiama, NSW

Renovation/ New Build: Renovation

About this installation:

This beautiful Lopi 4415 HO GS2 gas fireplace has found its new place inside this home right in the heart of the coastal town of Kiama, NSW. Set in an open living plan area, the fireplace has become a beautiful feature in the room and can be seen in all positions from the lounge area, dining and kitchen.

The Lopi 4415 Gas fireplace is quite the show stopper with its impressively high heat output that can generate enough heat for a space up to 195 sqm in size and is perfectly suited for this home.

This Lopi 4415 was installed into a newly built timber enclosure designed by the customer and assembled by the team at Fireplace Masters, Albion Rail Park for this coastal property. The design elements taken into consideration to build the new fireplace structure perfectly complemented the coastal theme presented throughout this double-storey house conveying a beach lifestyle home.

This Lopi 4415 gas fireplace features a black reflective glass on the floor of the fireplace. One of 4 glass colour options that come as a standard feature for this model. The glass media base allows the under Accent Lighting to shine through the shimmering glass base which emits a glowing effect.

There is an additional alternative floor option of Rock Embers available which provides a beautiful rock base though it does not allow the Accent lighting to shine through.

As the Lopi 4415 is part of our premium Linear range, this fireplace has more of a luxurious depth and with the use of black glass fireback liners within the firebox itself, they reflect the flame thus enhancing the fireplace with a more dimensional look.

To complete the look of this gas fireplace, an additional media option “the Birch log set” was incorporated. One of the 5 available media options includes either a log or stone set to add a more realistic touch to our fireplaces whilst accompanying its surroundings.

The Lopi 4415 gas fireplace is finished with a VJ groove cement panel wall and is beautifully finished with a 50mm finishing trim wrapping the viewing screen 1150mm wide by 400mm high.

Furthermore, this gas fireplace was installed with the CoolSmart™ Side Vent Option which is mounted on either side of the fireplace enclosure. One of the unique features of Coolsmart Wall is it allows you to sit back and enjoy watching tv in complete comfort and silence. When you switch off your fans on your Lopi fireplace you can enjoy the radiant heat and beautiful flames whilst the Coolsmart system safely pulls the heat away to a vent acting as a powerless fan.

For more information on our Lopi Linear Gas Fireplace collection, get in touch with us on 1800 064 234 or contact us here.


Instagram: www.instagram.com/HomeandOurs

Installer Fireplace Masters at Albion Park Rail (@Fireplacemasters).

Before Installation:

Beautiful Lopi Linear Gas Fireplace

Work in Progress:

Beautiful Lopi Linear Gas Fireplace

After Installation:

Beautiful Lopi Linear Gas Fireplace

Lopi Fireplaces
Lopi Fireplaces
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