The Ultimate Gas Fireplace

05 Oct 2022 by Lopi Fireplaces

This custom DaVinci Gas Fireplace by Lopi® was installed in this Luddenham home in Sydney’s western suburbs and is a true statement piece!

Positioned in an open plan kitchen, dining and living area of the home, this three-metre wide DaVinci Gas Fireplace is one of our 7 designs known as the ‘Island’ design. With four sides of viewing glass, this fireplace can be viewed from every angle in the space.

This DaVinci Island gas fireplace was custom built for this amazing property. This house itself is a newly built home situated on a small acreage block complete with a tennis court and a pool, the DaVinci Island gas fireplace perfectly complements this lifestyle home.

The Ultimate Gas Fireplace

Boosting its appeal, the DaVinci island gas fireplace features the Driftwood Fyre-Art™ media which was chosen out of 6 available options that encompasses either a log or stone set to add a more ambient touch in our fireplaces whilst complementing its surroundings.

In much respect of its looks, safety is without compromise. Our innovative engineers have implemented this double-pane, crystal clear glass at extraordinarily low temperatures, reducing any potential for injury. Hence, this particular gas fireplace can operate 365 days a year due to this safety feature known as Safe Touch Glass™.

Furthermore, this sophisticated DaVinci island gas fireplace was installed with the HeatSmart™ option. When it’s 30 degrees outside, the fireplace can operate as a feature fireplace without heating the room but when the temperature drops, the heat option can be activated thanks to the HeatSmart™ system that forces hot air through the vents above the fireplace. 

The Ultimate Gas Fireplace

The Ultimate Gas Fireplace

This fireplace is so versatile that it can even operate as a lighting feature without the flames. The vibrant multi-coloured Interior LED lighting is positioned on the base as well as the top of the fireplace, highlighting the beauty of this incredible fireplace design.

DaVinci gas fireplaces can be installed with combustible material positioned all the way to the edge of the glass. This installation has been finished with a custom venetian render, applied to the wall and hearth to emulate a hybrid finish of concrete and stone adding a further luxurious finish to this fireplace.

The finished dimension of this DaVinci island gas fireplace is 3048mm wide and 508mm high. It is so large that installing the single piece of glass spanning 3 metres takes 2-3 people!

The Ultimate Gas Fireplace

DaVinci Custom Fireplaces by Lopi are available in 7 designs and comes in a huge range of sizes from a minimum of 600mm wide to 6 metres!

The Ultimate Gas FireplaceIf your project requires a fireplace that stands out from the rest, get in touch with us on 1800 064 234 or contact us here.


Lopi Fireplaces
Lopi Fireplaces
Lopi has a fireplace to suit everyone. From traditional gas log fires and freestanding slow combustion wood heaters to gas and wood fireplaces for more contemporary designs to suit modern homes. Some of our gas fireplaces feature pebbles, stone, sculptured driftwood or log media and are further enhanced with accent lighting. All of our gas fireplaces feature direct vent (balanced flue) technology and some include GreenSmart™ Direct Vent gas technology and are not only efficient but look great too. Our high output models feature ceramic glass for increased radiant heat. We are located in specialised Lopi fireplace stores in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and most areas in Australia. Locate your closest specialist Lopi outlet from the menu.


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