How Masterwall is Changing the Game

23 Jun 2022 by Masterwall

Back in 2006, Masterwall lead the way by working with the BCA to develop and achieve the first Codemark certification for lightweight cladding. Our commitment helped ensure our industry did not suffer the same fate as our New Zealand counterparts. Today, certified, lightweight cladding delivers outstanding benefits to builders, designers and home owners alike.

Recently, we’ve taken this to the next level - product certificates with trace-ability. We call it Masterwall (ID).

Now every Masterwall panel you buy can be traced back to it’s origin with Product Certificates that confirm all the critical product information you’ll need so that you can be certain the product you’re installing is right for the job.

With more manufacturers and suppliers of EPS wall cladding, it is now more important than ever to validate the quality of the products being used.

Masterwall’s EPS Polystyrene Panels contain an effective flame retardant, and show enhanced fire resistance performance when installed as part of an EIFS wall cladding system.

During BAL testing, results indicate that our product resisted extreme heat, did not burn and maintained its structural integrity, resulting in full compliance the BAL 12.5, 19 and 29 test standards.

Our EPS product quality and full traceability ensure that we can give our builders and designers, and their clients and customers, complete peace of mind.

When it comes to safety, there are no shortcuts, and this is why we developed Masterwall (ID) - a game changing innovation from Australia’s leading high performance exterior cladding company - and only available from Masterwall.

Masterwall manufactures and distributes high performance exterior insulation, render and coating systems. The lightweight construction provides designers new opportunities to create a clean, modern aesthetic finished in the latest textures and colours – protected by final coatings that will keep performing for years.


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