16 Nov 2021 by Mirage Doors

Mirage Doors Specialises In Manufacturing & Installing Car Park Door Entry Products - Roller Shutters

Mirage Doors specialises in manufacturing & installing Car Park door entry products - roller shutters, roller grilles and counterweight doors are customised to suit all size car parks. For extreme high cycle products, to complement our counterweight doors range we now also provide springless roller shutters c/- variable speed motors. For this option we encourage architects and builders to consider adding acoustic bulkheads after our installation to confine noise emissions, as Hutchinson Builders successfully did on a recent installation in Brisbane (see image below). We can also provide sliding gates, swing gates and sectional overhead doors upon request where headroom restrictions occur. For more information and specification assistance please contact us on Ph: 1800 465 599 or visit www.miragedoors.com.au

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