Functional Modular Barrier Systems from Moddex

05 Oct 2022 by Moddex

Managing a large construction project and need top-quality handrails and balustrades?

As a project manager, you’ll know how critical it is to deliver your project on time, on budget and as specified.

Moddex won’t let you down.

Our modular handrails and balustrades can give you certainty:

  • Certainty of quality.
  • Certainty of cost effectiveness.
  • Certainty of compliance.
  • Certainty of supply and parts in stock, so you get what you need when you need it.

Why choose Moddex industrial railing systems?

We’re the lowest-risk supplier of barriers systems in Australia and New Zealand.

Our outstanding record of on-time / as-specified delivery and the level of repeat business is testimony to our expertise and commitment to quality.

Our Moddex modular barrier system is made up of pre-manufactured components that are delivered to your project site with assembly instructions included.

There’s no cutting or welding on site, meaning no hot works permits, no specialist trades and a safer installation experience for everyone. The no-weld install eliminates the risk of toxic fumes and the need to shut down your site, which lowers your costs and improves your margins.

And because the system is modular, should damage occur to a section, simply remove and replace it. Just click the new components into place, then lock.

Lower total cost of ownership

Moddex modular barrier systems offer the lowest lifetime cost of ownership of any barrier system on the market in Australia and New Zealand, and all components are fully compliant with strict Australian and New Zealand Standards.

We’re always happy to share our product engineering and test results with you to prove we’ve analysed every aspect of our components.

And if we find a better way, we’ll tell you.

Case study: Oz Design Warehouse, NSW.

Moddex supplied Connectabal commercial balustrades and Assistrail disability handrails across the centre’s mezzanine floors, stairs, service platforms and pedestrian walkways. The products needed to be robust enough to handle heavy use, and compliant with Australia Standards.

We were able to work closely with our client’s schedule and ensure installation could be carried out exactly when the product was required onsite. This enabled construction phases to continue uninterrupted, with handrails and balustrades installed in stages and on time – eliminating site delays and temporary fencing costs.

Communication is key

With a large project, it’s easy for things to get missed due to miscommunication.

That’s why we plan for onsite meetings with you as well as ongoing contact to make sure we both understand what needs to be delivered and when. Rest assured that we pay attention to every detail to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our modular handrails and balustrades and our service.

Partner with Moddex for commercial balustrades

Get in touch or call us on 1800 663 339 (Australia) or 0800 663 339 (New Zealand). Our team is always happy to help, whether it’s for a quote, technical advice or tender support.

Moddex: Leaders in no-weld modular handrails and balustrades.

Moddex’s innovative, weld-free products solve the unique challenges of civil infrastructure projects as well as those of the defence, construction, mining, transport, education, and public utilities sectors. Our modular, steel systems, including handrails, guardrails, balustrades, and other barrier solutions, coupled with our competitive pricing, project management expertise, ability to meet timelines, and excellent customer service, provide easy repair and maintenance results in the industry’s lowest lifetime cost of ownership.With our design and regulatory expertise, active R&D, and customer service, Moddex modular, no-weld systems are the first choice where any degree of engineering complexity in design, programme, or resources is needed. Our systems are pre-engineered, so cost and time factors are minimised; your crew can quickly cut or add more product on-site for installation and repairs. There’s no need for specialist trades, hot-work permits, fire spotters, welding zones, and welding protection for finished surfaces, so you save time and money. And your installers are safe from toxic fumes and fire risk hazards.Trust Moddex products and services. Our operations are nationwide, so if there is a better product or option, our customer service will help you find it. Talk to our customers and read their testimonials about our hundreds of installations on infrastructure projects. Our customers’ high repeat purchases speak for themselves.For your next project, choose from our line of products which are available in Australia and New Zealand.


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