Moddex – the Smart Alternative to Temporary Handrail

06 Oct 2022 by Moddex

On multi-storey builds, project managers want to open stairwells to site staff and contractors as soon as they are built, and any stair being used during construction needs a handrail system.

It is uneconomic to install traditional welded handrails on a floor by floor basis, and they are typically installed late in the project programme.

Because site staff and contractors need to move between floors, project managers must install temporary post and rail systems to ensure safe access. These systems are usually rented, and over time, costs can be significant.

For projects that do not require architectural finishes in stairwells, Moddex galvanised modular handrails offer a new level of convenience and flexibility to project managers combined with meaningful cost savings.

With Moddex modular, no-weld systems, the handrail is installed at the same rate as the floors – the modular handrail can move behind the builder, and the final permanent handrail is installed progressively throughout the construction process. The benefits are clear – compliant modular handrail with no cranes, no welding and no temporary barrier rental costs.

On an active building site and despite the best efforts of site staff, barrier systems might get damaged. With Moddex modular systems, the damaged components are quickly and easily replaced without impacting the budget.

Moddex installation teams get in fast and out fast, so stairwells are open and accessible to all site staff and contractors.

For project managers that means compliant handrail with maximum flexibility, minimal disruption and meaningful cost savings.

With Moddex, everything fitsTM


Moddex’s innovative, weld-free products solve the unique challenges of civil infrastructure projects as well as those of the defence, construction, mining, transport, education, and public utilities sectors. Our modular, steel systems, including handrails, guardrails, balustrades, and other barrier solutions, coupled with our competitive pricing, project management expertise, ability to meet timelines, and excellent customer service, provide easy repair and maintenance results in the industry’s lowest lifetime cost of ownership.With our design and regulatory expertise, active R&D, and customer service, Moddex modular, no-weld systems are the first choice where any degree of engineering complexity in design, programme, or resources is needed. Our systems are pre-engineered, so cost and time factors are minimised; your crew can quickly cut or add more product on-site for installation and repairs. There’s no need for specialist trades, hot-work permits, fire spotters, welding zones, and welding protection for finished surfaces, so you save time and money. And your installers are safe from toxic fumes and fire risk hazards.Trust Moddex products and services. Our operations are nationwide, so if there is a better product or option, our customer service will help you find it. Talk to our customers and read their testimonials about our hundreds of installations on infrastructure projects. Our customers’ high repeat purchases speak for themselves.For your next project, choose from our line of products which are available in Australia and New Zealand.


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