Pre-Engineered Design Delivers Compliant Solutions

05 Oct 2022 by Moddex

Pre-engineered design is the backbone behind Moddex modular barrier systems.

It was Moddex’s innovative design thinking and expertise that first brought the pre-engineered design system to Australian and New Zealand markets over 10 years ago. We’re still leading the field today with an unrivalled wide range of configurations designed to fit perfectly across any site, however challenging.

Thanks to the many years’ research, development, design and engineering behind every pre-designed modular configuration, we guarantee your Moddex system will be 100% industry standard-compliant and fit-for-purpose from the get-go. Behind every modular configuration is hundreds of hours’ work in designing, refining and interpreting industry standards to ensure 100% industry compliance.

Pre-Engineered Design Delivers Compliant Solutions

At Moddex, we’re constantly sharing our experience and learnings across a huge range of projects including mining, civil, commercial, and non-residential construction. Additionally, we create configurations made up from a wide range of Moddex innovative components which fit together to accommodate every site variable. So you can rest-assured you’ll receive exceptional customer service plus meet your deadlines easily with a superb-quality barrier system, built to stand the test of time and deliver a low lifetime cost of ownership.

Pre-Engineered Design that is Compliant

Sites invariably change from initial measurement phase. Thinking through your every project detail, we anticipate every foreseeable obstacle in the design phase to ensure that we’re giving you the most suitable design from the outset. If unforeseen obstacles arise once onsite, we ensure that every single one is solved quickly and smoothly. We select suitable Moddex configurations to fit together, accommodating issues such as inconsistent angles and measurements. We give you the peace of mind knowing your project will be finished on time, in time, to budget and to the highest Australian and NZ standards and with full flexibility and adjustment capability across your whole barrier system.

Pre-Engineered Design Delivers Compliant Solutions

Your project needs are our priority, and we work consistently to evolve and deliver modular solutions that reduce time onsite to a minimum. At Moddex, we really go the extra mile to identify ways to streamline your workflow, enabling you to get on with your other projects sooner. Project design, manufacturing and installation timelines are literally halved with Moddex in comparison to the performance of our nearest competitor. Not only does this create a win for your client, it’s a win for you – boosting your reputation for reliability, speed and delivery of high-quality fit-for-purpose finished products.

At Moddex, everything fits™. Contact us today to find out how our pre-engineered design systems can help you.

Moddex’s innovative, weld-free products solve the unique challenges of civil infrastructure projects as well as those of the defence, construction, mining, transport, education, and public utilities sectors. Our modular, steel systems, including handrails, guardrails, balustrades, and other barrier solutions, coupled with our competitive pricing, project management expertise, ability to meet timelines, and excellent customer service, provide easy repair and maintenance results in the industry’s lowest lifetime cost of ownership.With our design and regulatory expertise, active R&D, and customer service, Moddex modular, no-weld systems are the first choice where any degree of engineering complexity in design, programme, or resources is needed. Our systems are pre-engineered, so cost and time factors are minimised; your crew can quickly cut or add more product on-site for installation and repairs. There’s no need for specialist trades, hot-work permits, fire spotters, welding zones, and welding protection for finished surfaces, so you save time and money. And your installers are safe from toxic fumes and fire risk hazards.Trust Moddex products and services. Our operations are nationwide, so if there is a better product or option, our customer service will help you find it. Talk to our customers and read their testimonials about our hundreds of installations on infrastructure projects. Our customers’ high repeat purchases speak for themselves.For your next project, choose from our line of products which are available in Australia and New Zealand.


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