Otis Wins Elevator World Project of the Year Award for Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Green Line

15 Jun 2022 by Otis Elevator

Otis installed 117 heavy-duty escalators and 59 elevators at 18 stations along the new Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Green Line

Otis has received the Project of the Year award from Elevator World magazine in the Escalators, New Construction category for its work with the Taichung Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Green line. The annual Project of the Year awards are regarded as one of the vertical transportation industry's top honors.

The Elevator World award acknowledges Otis’ ability to meet customer expectations for technology and project management in a challenging environment. Taichung MRT congratulated Otis Taiwan for winning the Project of the Year award from the prestigious international trade publication, noting that elevators and escalators play an important role to ensure a seamless and efficient passenger journey. Otis’ expertise, technologies and inclusive mobility solutions meet Taichung MRT’s stringent safety and quality requirements, and also enhance the riding experience of passengers.

"Otis was skillful at exercising project management and stakeholder coordination, given the scope of the project and the number of constituencies involved," said Sam Wang, Taichung Metro Project Manager for Continental Engineering Corp.

“We are very honored to be involved in the MRT project and contribute to making Taichung a smart city,” said Ian Lau, Managing Director of Otis Taiwan. “The Elevator World Project of the Year award is a significant recognition of our commitments to customers, passengers and our community.”

Otis Wins Elevator World Project of the Year Award for Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Green Line

With some elevated stations in busy residential and commercial areas, Otis worked closely with the metro's construction team and local communities to minimize inconvenience. Escalator installation required some sections to be maneuvered into position within tight space tolerances of the station structure and surrounding buildings. The team coordinated in advance to identify and reserve hanging and hoisting points on the beams of the stations and used specialized hoisting technologies. The team’s commitment and strong project management allowed Otis to meet strict deadlines.

Otis Taiwan also installed additional safety features into the escalators, including sensors that allow the system to detect when passengers get on in the wrong direction, and issue a voice warning, and three emergency-stop buttons located at the top, middle and bottom of each escalator. In addition, a unique control system transmits and receives real-time signals from the elevators and escalators at the stations, enabling remote monitoring of elevator and escalator performance and the ability to automatically stop units for passenger safety in the event of an earthquake, which are common in the region.

The Taichung MRT Green Line joins other Otis projects that won an Elevator World Project of the Year award previously, including the Lotte World Tower in Seoul, Korea, Empire State Building in New York, Collins House in Melbourne, Australia, and Yitzchak Navon Train Station in Jerusalem.

Click here to read the Elevator World article detailing the Taichung MRT Green Line project.

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