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We provide premium quality steel storage solutions for the office and home. Designed and made in Melbourne, our award-winning, customisable range is available in 300+ colours. Each product is designed with integrity and built to last.

Planex began providing sustainable storage solutions in 1972 — before sustainability became fashionable. We are an Australian, furniture design and manufacturing business driven to create highly considered, useful and innovative products that preserve the environment. Our storage is designed for flexible, activity-based spaces across commercial, education, sports, hospitality and residential markets.

We manufacture custom products in Melbourne using state-of-the art metal prototyping and production equipment. We are committed to reducing the impact of our manufacturing processes on the environment. As a sustainable manufacturer, our products contribute maximum points to Green Star ratings.

With our modern, Australian-based factory, we’re uniquely placed to customise, manufacture and deliver new products to sites nationally.

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