27 Jul 2021 by POLYPIU

Baglietto Luxury Boat builder new warehouse

Cantieri Baglietto

For this historical brand of luxury boats and yachts, we contributed to creating a new structure where the company could build boats up to 65 meters in length in maximum efficiency and safety.

Specifically, the project by architect Marco Calvi from Imperia, Italy, envisaged the use of alveolar polycarbonate for the translucent parts of the building, guaranteeing great personality and maximum visibility both from the land and the sea.

The choice fell on our ReversPiù 1000/40mm in its neutral satin color for the skylights.

Instead, the uprights on the roof and the windows saw the application of PanelPiù 40 mm X-walls in their neutral satin color, integrated with thermal break system in aluminum profiles.

The solution offers the chance of composing fixed or opening frames.

The peculiarity of the windows lies in their parallelepiped shape, recalling the silhouette symbol of the Baglietto brand: a stylized seagull.

The sturdiness and lightness of our solutions helped create a visually and functionally slender building but, at the same time, also incredibly resistant to the high wind loads that are so typical of large openings and warehouses.

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