17 Aug 2021 by POLYPIU

El Sol Park upgrade

The district of Txabarri in Sestao introduces a new multifunctional space dedicated to sports and recreational activities.

The restoration of the El Sol park took place within the process of redevelopment of the Txabarri district, El Sol, promoted by the Sestao Berri company.

Thanks to this project, public spaces have been created which allow people to practice sports, protecting them from rain and bad weather.

The space, in fact, is characterized by a pediment with a length of 29 meters, totally covered in polycarbonate.

For this realization, Systempiù 16 mm in opal color was used.

SystemPiu is a self-supporting flat system in honeycomb polycarbonate.

Systempiù guarantees perfect water resistance and considerable resistance to wind thrust thanks to the steel profile that allows the panels to be joined together and to bind them firmly to the substructure.

This anchoring system also allows and guarantees to the polycarbonate the freedom it needs during the phases of thermal excursion, allowing the expansions essential to avoid tensions inside the material.

The high flexibility of the system has allowed it to adapt it perfectly to the shape of the wall to be themed, cutting panels and profiles on site according to the line of the roof.

The translucency of the material has also made it possible to guarantee high daylight below the covers and, thanks to the backlight, a significant visual impact during the night hours.

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