Marking New Beginnings in QLD

16 Nov 2022 by Premier Door Systems

Last year, Premier Doors proudly announced its newest branch in Queensland. The company has been growing steadily across Melbourne and NSW, with the Queensland branch as its newest addition.

Wondering what’s next for Premier Door Systems? We sat down for a chat with QLD Sales Manager Craig Evans on what we have to look forward to here at Premier Door Systems.


Craig Evans, originally from Auckland, New Zealand, started his career in sales. Although his humble beginnings were a far cry from his current position, Craig has always had an interest in mechanical equipment and solutions.

He started direct from school in the pneumatics industry working up to sales for the Penrose area in Auckland. The product range was from knives through to animal dismemberment equipment. His product knowledge expanded from being able to demonstrate boning knives to spectrum analysers identifying contamination on a carcass. My technical ability allowed me to grasp the technology needed to sell.

“My technical ability allowed me to grasp the technology needed to sell,” shared Craig. He further notes his achievements and honing his technical sales skills back to when he ended up with a supply company selling equipment into the meat industry in the South Island of New Zealand where he learnt all about loading dock design and preserving the cold chain for the food industry. He highlighted that the product range was from knives through to animal dismemberment equipment. His product knowledge expanded from being able to demonstrate boning knives to spectrum analysers identifying contamination on a carcass which in time enabled him to hone his skills in sales.


He eventually came to Australia in 2009 and found work at Tieman Industry in QLD in the dock Equipment. Not soon after he was sought after by Leda Security to set up their Dock Division. Fast forward today, Evans is happy to find himself leading the Premier Door Systems team in its newest office.

“Premier Doors has started the Queensland Branch because they saw a requirement for their products in this region” he describes.

One sector in particular is highlighted with the demands of real-estate, where with the growth of car parking spaces and the use of old steel roller- shutters that are struggling to cope with operations. Craig finds these opportunities by working closely with architects to help out in projects that are still in the design stage. Using Premier Sales Technique where the EFAFLEX door range from Premier Door Systems is promoted as a product that certainly adds value through performance.

“This method focuses on identifying which campaigns will add value and provide pricing to the tendering builders,” he explains. “These doors are not sold on price but on the benefits they bring to the customer.”

According to Craig, Premier Doors have their own range of well-engineered products manufactured at our Melbourne facilities and due to Premier’s traditional sales focus, the Premier product range is well respected in NSW and Melbourne. He emphasises that the PremSPEED, PremFLEX and PremIMPACT products in particular have been widely used in food manufacturing and process facilities. Additional to their own products he is proud to represent Premier Door Systems who are distributors for EFAFLEX -German Manufactured high speed doors and DORTEK GRP Clean Room Doors, where both are at the best in their respective industries and he claims that by providing quality products and services, Premier Door Systems will go a long way as they put their customers needs and requirements first.


He also uses a hands-on approach to how he effectively manages the newest branch. Evans noted that he would visit a site to check opening sizes days before installation. He’d even lend a helping hand on the actual installation itself. This is because he knows that learning what is needed on site allows him to sell the correct package.

“Premier Doors is a very flexible company which has helped everyone during the process of learning to work with a remote office,” commented Evans. “Our Queensland installers have four teams for installation and service work. These teams are being cross-trained in all our products which are allowing up to set up service contracts.”

Evans, along with the whole Premier Doors family, is excited to show you all the new things in store our latest expansion project. Drop by our store today at 1/1 Dan Street, Capalaba to see all PVC doors, rapid roller doors, as well as EFAFLEX warehouse doors just for you.

Premier Door Systems
Premier Door Systems
After operating under the name Premier Plastics for over 25 years and specializing in PVC and Plastic Extrusion, along with supplying our range of Flexible Climate Control Shop Curtains (PremFLEX) our business grew to also became an industry leader in the manufacture and installation of smart door solutions.In 2015, we felt it very necessary to change our business name to highlight and define our core business which is now solely focused on the manufacture, installation and service of industrial doors.Premier Door Systems continues to offer a complete range of commercial and industrial High-Speed Doors, as well as flexible PVC Swing Doors and PVC Strip Curtains to suit all of your applications.Our range includes Dortek Hygenic Door Systems, HITT (High Impact Thermal Traffic) Doors, Heavy Duty PVC Swing Doors, Industrial PVC Strip Curtains and Premflex PVC Strip Curtains, as well as our own Australian-made high-speed Rapid Auto Roll Door.Premier Door Systems is also a licensed EFAFLEX agent. This license gives us the capability to import and install their vast range of advanced High-Speed Automatic Doors, fast-tracked direct from Germany.Our manufacturing facilities are located in Campbellfield in Melbourne. We are proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated, and maintain strong networks with local businesses. Our fleet of service and delivery vehicles ensures swift delivery of all our products and quick response service when you need it most.We are committed to the highest standards across all our business activities, both locally and globally. We never compromise on our ethical standards and strive to conduct all our operations with minimum impact on the environment.Contact our friendly team of specialists to find out more about how Premier Door Systems can guarantee the best products and services for your business.


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