Premier Doors Supply a Range of Flexible PVC Door Solutions

17 Nov 2022 by Premier Door Systems

The situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, and with it comes a challenge of significant global impact. Governments around the world are taking rigid measures to mitigate the damage and control the outbreak.

The effects of this pandemic are widespread and severe, not only to our health but to the global economy as well. Part of the solution is to protect ourselves and flatten the curve, preventing overpopulation in our hospitals and supporting our health workers who are at the frontlines of outbreak response.

Now more than ever, the need to ensure the people’s safety, health and well-being is becoming apparent. This holds true for any establishment, whether residential or commercial.

There are still facilities that are needed to operate during these trying times for they fulfill basic necessities. In such facilities, there is a growing demand for solutions that protect and keep the people within safe.

Premier Door Systems rises to the occasion with a range of flexible PVC door solutions in both strip and sheet. See-through and easy to clean, these door solutions are ideal for employee segregation or employee protection in service industries.

Premier Doors Supply a Range of Flexible PVC Door Solutions

Designed to provide excellent, low-cost protection, our flexible PVC solutions are suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, such as in clean rooms, fume bays, warehouse doors and laboratories.

Our PVC solutions have high flexibility, glass-like transparency and a smooth surface that is ideal for hygiene and clean rooms. Durable and versatile, they have high resistance against weathering and chemicals. We also offer customisation according to your specific requirements. With our products, you can ensure your comfort, health and safety!

Premier Doors Supply a Range of Flexible PVC Door Solutions

Get the best door solutions here at Premier Door Systems.

Protect your facilities with products from Premier Door Systems. We have a wide range of door products to suit your industry needs. From PVC swing doors to rapid roller doors, we have you covered!

Contact us today or call +61 3 9357 8477 and we’ll have our door specialists sit down with you to discuss how we can best help you out.

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Premier Door Systems
Premier Door Systems
After operating under the name Premier Plastics for over 25 years and specializing in PVC and Plastic Extrusion, along with supplying our range of Flexible Climate Control Shop Curtains (PremFLEX) our business grew to also became an industry leader in the manufacture and installation of smart door solutions.In 2015, we felt it very necessary to change our business name to highlight and define our core business which is now solely focused on the manufacture, installation and service of industrial doors.Premier Door Systems continues to offer a complete range of commercial and industrial High-Speed Doors, as well as flexible PVC Swing Doors and PVC Strip Curtains to suit all of your applications.Our range includes Dortek Hygenic Door Systems, HITT (High Impact Thermal Traffic) Doors, Heavy Duty PVC Swing Doors, Industrial PVC Strip Curtains and Premflex PVC Strip Curtains, as well as our own Australian-made high-speed Rapid Auto Roll Door.Premier Door Systems is also a licensed EFAFLEX agent. This license gives us the capability to import and install their vast range of advanced High-Speed Automatic Doors, fast-tracked direct from Germany.Our manufacturing facilities are located in Campbellfield in Melbourne. We are proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated, and maintain strong networks with local businesses. Our fleet of service and delivery vehicles ensures swift delivery of all our products and quick response service when you need it most.We are committed to the highest standards across all our business activities, both locally and globally. We never compromise on our ethical standards and strive to conduct all our operations with minimum impact on the environment.Contact our friendly team of specialists to find out more about how Premier Door Systems can guarantee the best products and services for your business.


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