Powering a Silent Revolution Together

06 Jan 2021 by Schweigen

January 6, 2021 | Press Room | Powering a Silent Revolution Together

Schweigen works with the global leader in fan engineering to supply high performance and reliable ventilation products.

Our partner is a fan manufacturer that was established in Germany in 1963, and has continually expanded and developed their product offerings to become the world's leading manufacturer of electric motors and fans. In Australia and New Zealand, they provide the local market with a wide range of efficient, high-quality air-movement systems, specialising in aerodynamics, motor technology and controls.

Respecting their passion for quality, technology and innovation, Schweigen enlisted their expertise in the creation of Australia’s very first silent rangehood motor - the Isodrive® S1.650. Over the past 20 years, Schweigen and their development teams have worked to continually improve and expand the Isodrive® range, introducing the ST.900, SP.1600, SP2.3000 and SE.3200 models.

Powering a Silent Revolution Together

What this collaboration means to you.

Powering a Silent Revolution Together

Manufacturing excellence With more than a hundred years of combined professional engineering, product development and logistical knowledge, you know you are getting the most advanced motor system available on the market

Top quality management systems - Together, we commit to continue delivering quality products and services that perform above and beyond customer and regulatory requirements.

Commitment to the environment - Their ISO 14001 certification qualify efforts to identify impact on the environment, define controls to prevent and reduce pollution, and ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

A world-leading partnership.

Determined to always be at the forefront of the market, our partnership lives by the principle that each new product must be better than its predecessor in terms of economy and ecology.

Schweigen’s Isodrive® motor systems comprise the German-made core motor and fan within powder-coated galvanized steel housing, and come complete with high-quality right-sized cylindrical ducting, weather guard, roof extension pipe and bell housing.

For more information on Schweigen's market-leading motors, please click here.‍

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The Silent Rangehood ExpertsSchweigen is the only 100% Australian owned climate-positive company behind bestselling Silent Rangehoods supporting Australian manufacturing and jobs. Our profits remain in Australia, supporting our local economy.Designing Australia’s most efficient silent rangehoods made and manufactured in Europe, we have built a reputation for providing innovative, stylish and premium appliances through more than 900+ leading retailers nationwide.Our revolutionary silent rangehood systems work by removing the fan and motor from the rangehood and mounting it outside the home, so you enjoy blissful silence where you cook.The German-made Schweigen Isodrive® motors are amongst the most energy efficient in the market, requiring just 57 watts of power to run, in comparison to competitor products which use a minimum of 180 watts.With sleek designs, extreme durability, and versatile features, our products combine the best of European styling and Australian durability.Schweigen - Simply Silent, Simply Better.


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