Japan Pavilion – Dubai 2020

26 Sep 2022 by Serge Ferrari

Did you know ? The Japan pavilion at Dubai 2020 with its tridimensional façade reflects the Japanese art of Origami.​

On this pavilion, the Serge Ferrari Group PTFE membrane has been chosen to protect visitors from direct sunlight. ​

More information : https://bit.ly/3F7xNQL

Architects: Yuko Nagayama, NTT Facilities​

​#SergeferrariGroup #dubai #architecture #Japan #design #PTFE​

Photo credit : Picture from https://lnkd.in/dbSsBQ9

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Serge Ferrari
Serge Ferrari
The history and development of Serge Ferrari reflect the major challenges of the 21st century: Always proposing better with less material and less energy. In response to this challenge, Serge Ferrari creates, manufactures and distributes flexible composite materials, remaining at the cutting edge of innovation.Recognised and recommended by leading international architects, Serge Ferrari solutions contribute their light weight, low material density and efficiency to sustainable construction efforts. Our materials combine insulation, translucency, light weight, resistance and stability. Précontraint technology offers the best weight/performance ratio and dimensional stability over time, offering a solution to the natural resources challenge: do better with less and for longer.


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