23 Jul 2021 by Siniat

Knauf is now Siniat in Australia

Following the purchase of the Knauf metal and plasterboard business by the Etex Group earlier this year, our business has officially been renamed to Etex Australia Pty Ltd, and all products and services have changed to Siniat branding.

Siniat is one of the Etex Group’s flagship commercial brands and one of the leading global manufacturers of interior and exterior materials for drywall construction. New products leaving the Etex Australia factories are now Siniat branded and customers will also start noticing new signage at distributors of Siniat products and all company sites. And of course the website has a new URL and updated look and feel.

July also kicks off an advertising campaign with the core message that we are “Same, Same, Better” – same products, same excellent service and support by the same people. But the changeover provides us with the opportunity to explore how our business can be a better partner and assist clients to build better, together.

“We welcome this opportunity to start afresh,” said Managing Director Gavin Burton. “While we are not changing our locally made products or our trusted technical services in any way, it is the ideal moment to think about how we can improve our product offering and services.”

Gavin said all staff had been working hard on all the rebranding activities, and a brand new version of Siniat Blueprint, the comprehensive technical manual, is now available for download.

“Obviously rebranding of this scale is a mammoth task that will continue to evolve over the coming months, but I am very proud of what we have achieved in such a short time. We can now confidently go to the market with the Siniat brand and continue to build on our success of the past.”

Siniat will actively build on the current sustainability initiatives. “Under Knauf we were the first plasterboard manufacturer to offer carbon neutral certified board to the market. We have since extended the carbon neutral offer to all metal and plasterboard products manufactured in Australia, and it is available to customers who participate in our carbon free opt-in program,” Gavin said.

“Under Siniat we will continue to explore ways to make construction more sustainable, and we are looking forward to working together with clients to ultimately help them build better.

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