Which EzyCap wall end suits your project?

12 Apr 2021 by Studco Building Systems

EzyCap wall ends are designed for capping of internal balustrades, window openings and internal partition wall ends. EzyCap provides a reliable finish that mitigates wear and tear, cracked wall ends, and is made for quick installation on the job site.

  • Durability
    EzyCap is made from cold-formed steel, making is resilient to wear and tear in high traffic areas. Cracked and chipped corners that appear over time are a thing of the past with EzyCap. Steel end caps are a more durable alternative to traditional MDF or plasterboard wall ends.
  • Ready-to-go
    The design of the EzyCap allows for a quick and economical application - a simple capping onto a wall end replaces the need for tedious finishing and reduces compound usage. The EzyCap will save time in this process in addition to its Zincanneal coating, meaning it is ready to paint in with the rest of the wall.
  • Versatility
    The customisability of the EzyCap means it will suit various wall sizes to create a clean finish. This applies to both its look and function with a versatile selection of profiles and sizes available. The Original EzyCap is suited to a flush architectural finish that will seamlessly integrate into a modern aesthetic space. The newly introduced Shadowline EzyCap provides the same finish, whilst bringing a subtle shadow gap, perfect for a contemporary look. The EzyCap range also includes a Closer Cap for Cavity Sliders, where the door closes into a shallow rebate in the door jamb when closed, to block light and provide complete privacy.

    Custom sizes are available on request for all EzyCap products to suit your wall end size and shape.
Studco Building Systems
Studco Building Systems
Brought to life in 1986 in Melbourne, Australia, when contractor and founder Gordon Stevens developed a creative idea to improve the way ceiling systems were constructed for the Australian building industry; Studco Building Systems is a global manufacturer of premium building systems that spans from Australia, to the US and UK.With roots as a steel stud roll former, today Studco innovatively designs, develops and produces concealed ceiling and steel stud systems, architectural finishing systems and sound isolation systems for the construction and building industry.Over last 30 years, Studco have developed numerous leading-edge, patented building systems that have revolutionized the industry, including the Slimceil engineered low clearance ceiling system, Resilmount sound isolation systems, EzyJamb flush finish door jamb systems, and EzyCap one-piece wall end caps, to name a few.This drive for continuous innovation is a notion that still holds true to the Studco culture today; complemented by unrivaled customer service and engineering solutions, designed to provide the ideal solution for standard or custom projects.  


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