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Innovative Security Gates for Pharmacies, Medical Centres, Pathology labs

23 Jun 2022 by The Australian Trellis Door Co

ATDC has installed its commercial grade security gates at the Terry White Pharmacy at Cheltenham in Melbourne.

These versatile gates are able to retract and fold completely out of sight during the hours of normal business trade however when locked and closed they present a strong deterrent to break and enters. They are fully framed for extra support, constructed from steel  and they have triple contact locking mechanisms for extra security.

The above photographs show an installation at Terry White Chemart in Cheltenham, Victoria. Designers and product specifiers were Mount Martha based Wiin Solutions whilst Paramount Projects were  the project managers.

For further information visit https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/security-screens-and-screen-doors

Innovative Security Gates for Pharmacies, Medical Centres, Pathology labs

The Australian Trellis Door Co
The Australian Trellis Door Co
The Australian Trellis Door Co, also known as ATDC, is a company based in Australia that specializes in providing steel security doors and window grilles, key-lockable removable window bars, trackless barriers and aluminium roller shutters and folding closures. All products are manufactured and assembled in our factory in Condell Park, NSW. Engineers at the Australian Trellis Door Co. have invented security features that are global firsts, such as the distinct triple point slam-lock and the heavy duty track locking bottom track facility. The only completely framed square steel tubular trellis doors now offered on the Australian market are the S02-1TM / S05-1TM extremely deluxe type doors.The Australian Trellis Door Company introduced the concept of expanding trellis security doors to Australia and New Zealand. We are the leader in offering an extensive range of trellis security doors for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.The Australian Trellis Door Co. is a family-run company that is entirely run and owned by Australians.NSW Master Security Licence 410452552


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