28 Oct 2021 by Unison Joints

David Jones, Westfield Shopping Centre Carindale, Qld

During the David Jones new concept store refurbishment, 260lm of retail floor expansion joint & 322lm of fire rating systems were supplied. Unison Joints manufactured & certified the 4 hour fire rated movement joint protection.

Unison Joints Fx100CST expansion joint system with stainless steel cover plate was chosen for the high end finish. Suitable for deep floor finishes, terrazzo, pavers, marble, granite & other stone finishes. The Unison Joints movement joint system is widely used in retail centers, airport terminals, apartment developments & public buildings.

Unison Joints Py35I high movement construction joint fire seal tested, certified to AS 1530.4, AS 4072.1 & BS 476.2 Australian standard. Certified Form 16 supplied upon inspection

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