Unison Expansion Joints - 100% Australian Owned & Operated

01 Oct 2021 by Unison Joints

Unison Expansion Joints 100% Australian Owned and Operated manufacturers & installers since 2001

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Unison Joints
Unison Joints
Unison Joints Pty Ltd is an Australian owned, Queensland based company, established in 2001 to manufacture and supply movement joint systems for the building and construction industry. Unison specializes in providing innovative products under the management of highly qualified professionals. Unison prides itself on implementing engineered, architectural solutions, sourced through sustainable means to achieve our customers’ objectives.From the beginning Unison has been closely involved with installation of expansion joints. For 13 years Unison undertook installation of these systems using its own specialised contracting business: Unison Constructions Pty Ltd. This experience gives Unison Joints Pty Ltd a unique insight into site requirements and stresses. Unison’s movement joint systems are supplied fully assembled, reducing costs of site labour and site error. The company provides flush-mounted systems which are free from the clang-bang of failed surface-mounted floor coverplates. The Aquo P (AqP) product is a 100% waterproof expansion joint seal with high movement. High-movement fire-strips and blankets, which fire-seal gaps from 25mm to 250mm are available. These fire-seals are NATA Certified to Australian and British standards and conform to the BCA. Unison also has heavy and light-duty coverplate systems designed to be integrated with polished concrete without an ugly grout line. This system has a unique architectural design, with hidden fasteners.If a suitable expansion joint system can’t be found within the Unison Joints product range, Unison’s engineers will design one. The Unison Expansion Joint products are for use in: Floors, Walls (internal and external) Ceilings, and Roofs. Unison’s products are widely used in Hospitals, Multi-story Car-parks, Grandstands & Stadiums, Airport and Transit Terminals, Shopping Centres, Department Stores, and Supermarkets. Unison Joints Pty Ltd develops a close working relationship with each client, fully understanding their needs and employing cost effective and practical solutions for Building Movement Joints.


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