26 Oct 2021 by Urban+ Fountains & Furniture

A New Furniture Suite has Arrived!

Introducing the Aston Suite by Urban+

A New Furniture Suite has Arrived!


The Aston Suite is a contemporary range of outdoor furniture products designed to enhance streetscapes, parks, ocean walkways and more. Featuring a minimalist, rectangle cut-out design, these products will complement any council, commercial or education landscape project.

Products include a Picnic Table, Bench Seat, 70L Bin, 240L Bin Enclosure, Double Seat, Stool, Multi Bay Biulti Bay Bike Rack and Single Bike Rack.


Made from Dulux powder coated steel and certified sustainably-sourced timber battens that have been triple coated for durability, these products have been designed to last.

Alternative materials and finishes are also available such as recycled plastic battens, galvanised steel or over 100+ different powder coat colours.

Get in touch with the Urban+ team to find out more or request an obligation-free quote.

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