Verosol Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

14 Feb 2023 by Verosol

While the Covid-19 crisis has had devastating consequences (both human and economic), there is light at the end of the tunnel. 2021 has brought hope that the worst is behind us and, through some notable success stories, shone a light on what well-organised society is capable of when requisite levels of commitment and application are brought to the table.

Notable examples include the performance of several nations, including Australia, to follow best Scientific advise and largely control the pandemic; and the successful global effort to develop vaccines in record time. At the same, our capacity as species to handle major crises has made itself known and, in some quarters at least, there is renewed optimism that we have the wherewithal to handle that other existential global threat, climate change. In this context Verosol, a company founded with a commitment to sustainability and ethical governance, presents its Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.

The following document can be read as our effort to formalise these commitments, and to not just present our achievements in this space but also acknowledge areas in which we can improve.

In publishing this statement, we wish to point out that this is not a one-off effort. As a company, we commit to re-visiting our achievements (and failings) on a regular basis and re-publishing them for all to assess.

The world is at a critical juncture, faced with the challenge of meeting the Paris Agreement and limiting global warming to 1.5°C, or not meeting them and facing the uncertain future this choice will bring. As a company whose products have a real role to play in this task, Verosol supports this target and will continue to do everything in its power to bring it closer to fruition.

Verosol and Corporate Social Responsibility

For Verosol, social responsibility does not begin and end with the environmental credentials of our products. By necessity, it extends far beyond this to every aspect of our business operations. It extends to our approach to economic and ethical responsibility, legal and regulatory compliance, and community engagement.

Respect for the Individual

At Verosol, we value our people as our most precious resource. We are committed to providing a safe, attractive working environment to all employees. To this end, we comply with all relevant Occupational Health & Safety regulations and have instituted our own OH&S rules and regulations at all our sites.

Environmental Performance

At Verosol, we value our people as our most precious resource. We are committed to providing a safe, attractive working environment to all employees. To this end, we comply with all relevant Occupational Health & Safety regulations and have instituted our own OH&S rules and regulations at all our sites.

Environmental Certification

Underscoring our environmental commitment with universally recognized Environmental Certification, is a top priority for Verosol. Our efforts in this area are ongoing. We are in a process of continuous expansion of certifications.

Various roller blinds are EPD third party certified, GREENGUARD Gold certified and have Health Product Declaration (HPD) to support with credits within green building schemes such as Greenstar, LEED, WELL and BREEAM. In addition to EPD, we are currently working on certifying Best Environmental Practice PVC, starting with 202 and 205 SilverScreen Performance fabrics.

Regulatory Compliance and Business Ethics

At Verosol, we insist on integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business operations. We ensure that all transactions are recorded accurately, and transparently – in accordance with best practice accounting standards, as well as local laws. We disclose information (both financial and non-financial) in accordance with prevailing industry practice and local law.

Community Engagement

At Verosol, we acknowledge that our social contract extends beyond our core business concerns. Committed to broader forms of community engagement, we choose to focus our philanthropic energies on those areas in which we have expertise, namely the architectural and construction sectors.

Download our CSR Statement

"Verosol products are manufactured with an environmentally responsible outlook"Verosol is a specialist in the design and manufacture of functional interior solar shading fabrics and blinds. Founder Cornelis Verolme established the Verosol vacuum metallising company in 1965 and developed a process - still unique today, of applying a microscopic layer of aluminium to textile, to create innovative performance fabrics.Verosol is the inventor of metallised fabric and pleated blinds and continuously innovates to offer the highest performance in sun and daylight control to create more comfort and a sustainable building environment. Headquartered in The Netherlands Verosol has facilities in The Netherlands, Australia and Spain, with a worldwide licensee network for global distribution.Our Headquarters and manufacturing facilities located in Revesby, NSW, Australia, service Australia, Asia Pacific and is supported by distribution centres and staff located in every capital city in Australia.."Creating a Better Environment is a logical extension of our mission as a company, which is to support sustainable environments, where people can live and work comfortably."Since Verosol was founded in 1965, Creating a Better Environment has always been at the heart of all our activities. From the very beginning, our products have been designed to contribute to significant energy savings and a comfortable environment.Verosol's Dutch facility is at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing. Verosol’s FR and Polyester fabrics meet stringent European standards in the colouring of fabrics without the use of dye baths. Few toxic and non-degradable materials are used in the production of fabrics and non-toxic chemicals used in the production of its flame retardant fabrics. Furthermore, no lead or heavy metals are used.“Green planet considerations is a priority for Verosol, at a time when global warming is in the hearts and minds of governments, businesses and individuals alike.”Verosol worldwide is committed to providing a product that will reduce the production of greenhouse gases.Verosol’s savings calculator demonstrates how the use of Verosol metal backed fabrics can prevent thousands of kilograms of CO2 being produced in air-conditioning running cost savings alone.To estimate possible reductions iin CO2 emissions, simply contact Verosol to arrange for an energy savings calculation.


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