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Automatic doors can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, and are often controlled by sensors that detect when someone is trying to pass through. This allows building owners to control who has access to certain areas, and can also help to reduce energy costs by keeping doors from being left open. Automatic doors can also be used in public places such as airports and museums, where they can help to manage the flow of people. In these settings, automatic doors can help to reduce congestion and make it easier for people to move around.

Introduction to Automatic Door 

Something as simple as walking through doorways and opening or closing a door can be a challenge for older individuals or people with disabilities. Individuals who are physically challenged and need to utilize either a wheelchair, bike, cane or walker experience issues progressing through entryways. Automatic door opener and closer systems can make areas more accessible for a significant population. The installation of automatic doors, which open to allow the passage of users thanks to a sensor, is often the ideal solution both for controlling entrances in public places or reserved areas of office complexes, and are convenient for visitors. Automatic door opener and closers are available in a wide variety of types.


This automatic door system uses a motion detecting sensor to open or close the entryway. Infrared-movement sensors, which can recognize the infrared vitality scan through human's body, are the most common. When somebody is standing in front of the door or entryway, the infrared activity scanned by the sensor changes, this triggers the sensor to open the door when somebody moves toward the doorway. The sign is sent to the PC unit that works the entryway. The door automatically clossr after a few seconds when the sensor doesn’t sense another infrared vitality. This automatic door opener aren’t usually for home use, but are regularly utilized in workplaces or bigger organizations.


This automatic door type is the most common type of automatic door opener used in public places. The system works via a switch that is mounted to the wall or a panel. When somebody presses the switch, the door will automatically open. It is usually installed on the wall near the door, so it's easy to operate. Buttons are either wireless or wired and when pressed will send a signal to the box installed on the door. The automatic door closer will work the same as other systems, automatically closing a few seconds after the switch or button is released.


Remote control automatic doors are a wireless system that uses a remote control to trigger the door to open. Remote controls are convenient as it can be installed on a wheelchair or attached to a keychain. The transmitter on the remote control works by transmitting a signal to a receiver which is installed on the door. When the remote button is pressed, the door will automatically open. There are some that are equipped with a door closer button, so the door will remain open until the close button is pressed.

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