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11 Jun 2021 by AVRO

AURO Airfresh Wallpaint

It’s not just that the AURO Airfresh wallpaint aesthetically beautifies your four walls, it also degrades pollutants, odours and spores in the indoor air. Thanks to its unique combination of raw materials, a coat of Airfresh wallpaint acts as a catalyst. With the help of light, it splits up pollutants and odours present in the room into neutral substances. The photocatalytical effect is there from the first coat and remains constantly effective during the complete life cycle of the paint. Due to the high alkalinity, mould spores do not stand a chance. This natural wall paint is also free from solvents and emissions.

The highly economic wallpaint can be rolled or brushed; 10 liters cover up to 100 m2. If colour is required, tinting with AURO Lime tinting bases is possible. A test coating is recommended.

The AURO Airfresh wallpaint is available from your AURO retailer or distributor.

AURO distributors worldwide

Download more information and certificates here:

AURO’s ecological products are based on organic and mineral raw materials.

The name AURO is a byword for home design in explicit harmony with nature. More AURO natural paints and care products without any synthetic solvents or pollutants can be found on www.auro.com.

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