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04 Mar 2021 by Cold Magic

The ideal choice for our customers: Gaomei air-cooled chillers

In the refrigeration industry, there are two types of air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers . The former is more suitable for areas where water sources are scarce. It is easy to install and move, without the need to install a cooling tower; it has a stable throttling structure, a low-noise fan motor, and a high-performance compressor, with low overall noise and stable operation.

The air-cooled chiller is one of the core products produced by Gaomei Enterprise. Its working principle is to use the shell and tube evaporator to exchange heat between water and refrigerant. The refrigerant system absorbs the heat load of the water and cools the water to produce cold water. , And then take the heat to the finned condenser through the action of the compressor, and then dissipate to the outside air through the cooling fan.

The ideal choice for our customers: Gaomei air-cooled chillers

The high-efficiency air-cooled chillers of Gaomei have a cooling range from 48RT to 400RT, and can provide chilled water at 5℃-20℃. They can be widely used in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, factories, etc. The field of air-conditioning systems in large, medium and small buildings. Under the intensive research of the Gaomei team, each Gaomei air-cooled chiller product introduced to the market has the advantages of high energy efficiency, low noise, compact structure, long life, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.

The ideal choice for our customers: Gaomei air-cooled chillers

The reason why Gaomei air-cooled chillers can exert such excellent performance is derived from the excellent raw materials of the parts and the advanced control system. It is reported that the "heart" of Gaomei air-cooled chillers adopts imported twin-screw compressors. Compared with traditional reciprocating compressors, it has the advantages of high efficiency, quiet operation, simple operation and long service life; adopts shell The tube evaporator fully solves the problem of water quality and dirt residue, and has excellent overall performance; the finned coil with copper tubes and aluminum fins has high efficiency heat transfer, good corrosion resistance, and low airflow resistance, making it more practical.

The ideal choice for our customers: Gaomei air-cooled chillers

In the control system, the Gaomei air-cooled chiller adopts a microcomputer controller and PID logic control, which has higher control accuracy; the system has a programmed recirculation function, which can effectively adjust the energy of the unit to ensure that the unit is in optimal operation at all times State, further reduce operating costs. In addition, the control system also has functions such as direct control of set points and real-time operating parameters, comprehensive monitoring of current working conditions, and menu-style page display. The overall operation is simpler and more intuitive.

With the support of extraordinary quality and multiple functions, Gaomei air-cooled chillers have received great acclaim in the market, and have gradually formed important consensus among customers:

"If you buy an air-cooled chiller, choose Gaomei"!

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