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Colour System (Toning)

12 Apr 2021 by Creativo

With Stucco Italiano’s colour system, we can achieve different colours in various tone in purpose to fulfill customers’ innovative wants. The same System works with all Stucco Italiano’s decorative products, which is a professional system consists of:

  • A catalogue with the 90 Stucco Italiano basic colors;
  • The Rosalba Collection, a collection of 42 exclusive colours that recall those used by the Italian painter Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757) in her works;
  • 16 base-colourants, with which you can obtain all the 132 formulas.


All the 132 colours, in two tones (1 and 3) are displayed below for reference. Other tones can be achieved by adding to the material different quantities of colour. The formula can be modified according to your needs, for instance, by indicating a lower or higher percentage to get a lighter or darker tone. The formula can also be changed by increasing or decreasing a certain hue. Therefore, you can create your own colour formulas here. 

Colour System (Toning)Colour System (Toning)

Hong Kong
WE are a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2010. Our team is of specialist in creative & contracting design with over ten years’ experience. Currently, the company has an expanding tendency for its business and established our subsidiaries in Macau (Creativo (Macau) Art Decoration Co., Ltd.)、Huizhou (Creativo (Huizhou) Decoration and Construction Material Co., Ltd.).Our clients have been growing globally for 6 years as a result of our effort and professionalism which have brought us many eye-catching projects, for example, Hong Kong The Pavilia Hill, Studio City Macau and Guangzhou K11, are the all highlighted in this year.Our artisans are specialize in artistic decoration finish including utilizing special paint, plastering, colour washing and leafing art. Being capable of creating various patterns and textures on wall, celling and even surfaces of artworks, our company is committed to providing services like undertaking indoor and outdoor artistic decorative works, manufacturing customized artworks and decorative cladding with various style, promoting our own branded construction material、Ideaplay and distributing the special paints from Stucco Italiano , an Italian brand, as well as professional after-sale and artistic material consultancy services.


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