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NavVis VLX – CITF pre-approved Mobile Mapping System

17 May 2022 by Delta Pyramax

NavVis VLX is now a CITF pre-approved equipment. NavVis VLX is a wearable indoor mobile mapping system that enables high quality capture of both point clouds and imagery in one scan.

Pre-approved Code: PA21-025

NavVis VLX – CITF pre-approved Mobile Mapping System


Capture 3D measurements with two mulit-layer LiDAR sensors in combination with industry-leading SLAM software to deliver survey-grade point cloud quality. Four cameras positioned on top of the device take high resolution images in every direction for complete 360 capture - all without the operator appearing in the field of view.

Live Mapping

Monitor your scanning progress in real time with a built-in touchscreen interface, to ensure complete coverage as you move.


A first-of-its-kind wearable device which enables operators to comfortably scan at the speed of walking. The forward-facing design allows for targeted scanning, together with a built-in screen for optimal viewing.


NavVis VLX is fully compatible with standard tools in the field. It can capture control points in a local site coordinate system measured by Total Stations and GNSS rovers, and also supports national and global coordinates for precise geo-registration and alignment of datasets.

Pre-approved Code: PA21-025

Click here for more information on NavVis VLX

Delta Pyramax
Delta Pyramax
Hong Kong
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