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23 Apr 2021 by DIMEZE

Dynamic Lighting Controller Product Video

In order to respond to some customers' inquiries for our Dynamic Lighting Controller applications more effectively, we started to prepare the relevant product videos to demonstrate the different functionalities of the DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG controller, esp. after our recent software modifications.

From our customer discussion, we also picked up some key questions about our solutions, especially about our solution positioning against the DALI control, which is commonly associated with Tunable White applications.

As the controller is built based on our Phase Dimming technologies, one feature of our solution is that our controller can be used for both Trailing-edge Phase Dimming or Dynamic Lighting control.

In other words, the same Phase Dimmable LED Driver with Constant Current Output can be used for both types of applications. This feature then allows our solution to be used easily in terms of LED Fixture Selection & also for Long-Term Maintenance support.

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