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23 Apr 2021 by DIMEZE

Introduction to Dynamic Lighting Controller Brochure

To keep pace with our project progress & to present our products more concisely, we've summarized the different types of solutions in response to customers’ inquiries of our Dynamic Lighting Controller into a comprehensive brochure (EN) to introduce our controller from a product perspective.

Our Dynamic Lighting Controller is a new design to provide an alternative solution to our Standard LED Dimmer units (SKU: DZ3G450DIAL, DZ4G450MULT). While the Standard LED Dimmer units have traditionally been used in applications that do not demand a decent outlook of the wall dimmers, our Dynamic Lighting Controller provides a drastic upgrade in the sense that it works with beautifully manufactured (by CNC process similar to Mobile Phones) Solid Aluminum Alloy Faceplates, which gives a high degree of customization to end-user / designers, & in terms of functionality, the Dynamic Lighting features had also been built-in to the new controller. This new controller design also serves as the technical foundation for future development of integrating both wired & wireless control.

In this brochure (EN), we've highlighted different applications that can be achieved by the same controller. In case an external dimmable driver is required for a downlight (for example), the same driver can be used with a Tunable White Downlight (i.e. just by using a Tunable White Downlight). This allows end-user / designers to realize different applications without any technical concerns. In other words, the Light Fixture On-Off switch, LED Dimmer switch, & Dynamic Light Control panel can all be achieved by the same faceplate design, which gives consistent style for a spatial design.

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