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23 Apr 2021 by DIMEZE

Residential Dimming Project based on Alloy Face Plate & Controller, Shelley Street

Since the launch of our Dynamic Lighting Controllers (SKU # DZ2G300TUNE_TOGG), we received a number of project inquiries for using the Solid Aluminum Alloy Wall Plate for Residential Dimming applications.

In a recent residential dimming project, the opportunity actually led us to explore more about our product applications. In this project our Dual Channel Toggle Switch Wall Plates (SKU # LCNC-TG01-2L_SV) is required to be used for Two-Gang Dimming Switch, Two-Way Control on-top-of Two-Gang, Splitting the Two Toggle Switches for Light On-Off (1 channel) & LED Dimming Switch (1 channel), & also On-Off Switch for Exhaust Fan & Water Heater applications.

Basically, a walk around of all different combinations for Wall Switch applications in a household & last but not least, All the Functionalities shall to be Achieved on the Same Style of Wall Plates!

Thanks to the design of separating the Electronics Control from the Wall Plate & keeping the plates purely mechanical, All These Requirements can be Achieved With Ease & Within Budget. By solving these requirements, we're a step closer to practical applications & be able to create more value for our products to customers.

Below left shows that on the same plate, one of the toggle switches is used as a LED Dimmer Switch & the other is used as a regular On-Off Switch. The below right shows different On-Off Switches on the Same Faceplate to keep the design consistent.

Residential Dimming Project based on Alloy Face Plate & Controller, Shelley StreetResidential Dimming Project based on Alloy Face Plate & Controller, Shelley Street

Residential Dimming Project based on Alloy Face Plate & Controller, Shelley Street

For connection from the wall plates to our controller, our suggestion is to use LAN cables (cut CAT-5 cables). Once the LAN cables are ready, it's only about connecting the terminals properly & no software is required after.

In this case, the households only use Dimmable Floor Lamps that are based on Dimmable LED Lamps with Standard Lamp Base. To keep the installation simple & cleaning easy, our suggestion to the Electricians is to connect the AC Outlet directly to the output of our controllers, such that the Floor Lamps can be plugged into the particular AC Outlet for dimming control.

Since there are no dimmable drivers involved, the Maintenance can be as straightforward as individual replacement of the lamp, controller, or wall switches. Once the installation is done, proper labels shall be in place for long-term maintenance. The on-site installation experience with the Electrician was fun & useful for us to collect first-hand feedback from the field to prepare the Installation FAQ.

For more details about the solutions involved, see the earlier news update.

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