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23 Apr 2021 by DIMEZE

Solid Aluminum Alloy Faceplate LED Dimming Solutions Marketing Brochure

Since the release of our Dynamic Lighting Marketing Brochures, we've received inquiries for LED Dimming-only Solution applications using the Aluminum Alloy Faceplate with a Toggle Switch interface.

Therefore, we quickly put together our Dimming-only solutions based on our Dynamic Lighting Controllers & took the opportunity to update our Standard LED Wall Dimmers together with our Solid Aluminum Alloy Faceplates to present both types of LED Dimming solutions.

These solutions are suitable for Dimmable LED Bulbs, such as SORAA® Professional LED Bulbs, & Trailing-edge Phase Dimmable LED Luminaires. Interested parties, please contact us at [email protected]

English Version / Chinese Version

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