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About Emco

Interior Essentials

In a world which is constantly changing, we need space for freedom. Room for reflection. To relax. To recharge. With emco, you can create transitional spaces – to rejuvenate you every day.

Innovative technology from emco

»Man muss Räume mit Leben füllen, um zuhause erfüllt zu leben. Beson- ders in einem so persönlichen Bereich wie dem Badezimmer wollen wir uns ideal wohlfühlen. Dort ist unsere Atmosphäre.«

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Kleber MBA
Managing Director emco Bad

High-quality accessories for your bathroom: emco Bad is a manufacturer of high-quality and exclusive bathroom equipment and accessories in the premium segment, with a focus on functionality and exclusive design. The product range includes accessories, mirrored cabinets, functional modules, illuminated and cosmetic mirrors, as well as washstands and wash unit solutions.

emco Bad products are masterpieces which can be enjoyed day after day – thanks to their high-quality design, well-made construction and a wide range of functions.

We have been developing and producing bathroom fittings in Lingen for more than 60 years so that people all over the world can design their bathrooms to suit their personal tastes and individual preferences. As a company with a strong family tradition, we like to establish close ties with the people we work with – and for.

emco bathroom fittings division established

emco Benelux B.V. (Netherlands), emco Novus International Ltd. (Hong Kong), emco Polska Sp.z.o.o. (Poland), Emco Novus Middle East FZC (Dubai)

Washstands and wash units, LED illuminated mirror cabinets, functional modules for bathrooms, LED illuminated mirrors, shaving and cosmetic mirrors, bathroom accessories

Sales and distribution
Specialist bathroom wholesalers in Germany, exports handled by branches and importers

Target groups
Specialist bathroom dealers; fitters in the sanitation, heating and air conditioning trades; architects; consumers

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