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About Genesis

Genesis works in synergy with architects and interior designers providing specific needs of different applications and areas not limited to: lavatories, offices, clubhouses, education, landscaping and sports. With exceptional knowledge and experience with over 6000 achieved projects. Our dedicated team has the expertise to provide our customers with the most effective solution; tailoring to their needs, requirements and specifications with exceptional precision - maximizing long term performance.



We, at Genesis are inspired by a single goal - Commitment to superior quality & results. We are dedicated to provide a one stop intergrated solution to architects, designers, contractors and end-users in Hong Kong and Macau; creating a sustaining future for all stakeholders for the past 20 years and beyond.


As one of Hong Kong’s leading building material specialists, Genesis provides lavatory cubicle partitions, locker systems, and flooring solutions offering a complete solution of international premium brands with exceptional quality, excellent technical consultation, and professional installation services for many renowned developers, architects, and designers in Hong Kong for over 20 years.


Genesis provides innovative, sustainable, and reliable products & services that are aimed to reduce carbon footprints. We are a member of the Caring Company Scheme and Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter (HKGPC), playing a proactive role in social services and our environment. Our worldwide top tier brands are committed to sustainability and developing eco-friendly products - keeping our forests alive for future generations.

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