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About Greentins

GREENTINS Technology Ltd. began as a provider of quality Wood composites, and is Hong Kong's sole supplier of quality ECOROCA products from Airwater of Japan, a sustainable, innovative and unique building material.

- Later developing our own green space products such as GREENWALL and GEENROOF which when combined with our new planting substrate (created from recycled plastic and wood waste) creates a beautiful, environmentally friendly soil less planting option.

- With the addition of high quality RATTANOX indoor/ outdoor furniture, traditional Japanese TATAMI flooring and our own WELLMADE brand bamboo flooring we are able to offer a one stop shop for both new and renovation projects.

- With our quality design and installation services we have become one of the leading international companies in the field of wood composite materials and green space technology.

- Contracted by leading Architectural, Design, Building and Construction professionals around the world.

- GREENTINS® is now a trusted provider of tailor-made design and installation services, able to make your dreams a reality, from a simple DIY home installation to large scale construction projects whether it is supply only or full installation.

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