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About GUBI

About Nature Evolution

Design is the art of combining elements in a pleasing way. We have 2 collections at NE. They are Nature and Evolution. Each element has its unique characteristics but can be mixed together.

Nature - Solid wood furniture is one of the most popular as it is durable, beautiful and wood can be finished in any way imaginable. Look to artisan crafted furniture if you prefer a rustic and country appeal to your interiors, or look to antique wood bedroom and living furniture to bring back the nostalgia of early turn of the century home living. If your interiors prefer a contemporary appeal, wood furniture with minimal lines that is free from ornamentation can create show-stopping appeal in your kitchen bar stools or in your sleek headboard in your bedroom.

Evolution - Contemporary design furniture from all over the world. The term ‘contemporary’ is an idea that is constantly adapting and changing. Keeping up with modern designs means frequently exploring new and exciting ways to decorate your home. As industry-leading experts in bespoke furniture, we at NE have a passion for modern furniture from leading designers and consider ourselves well-positioned to advise our customers on the subject.

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