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12 Oct 2021 by Kwong Man Kee

KMK - Krystaline Waterproof Concrete

By its very nature, concrete is a porous material allowing water (and other liquids) to penetrate into the capillary structure. Over time and through constant or occasional contact with water or humid environments, the desirable qualities of concrete eventually degrade, lowering the durability of the structure. This process is accelerated and worsened with the presence of waterborne contaminants.

KRYSTALINE uses the newest generation of crystalline technology to create durable, waterproof and sustainable concrete. Krystaline’s hydrophilic crystalline technology works within the cement matrix to generate additional calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) within the concrete resulting in further hydration until the concrete is impermeable to water infiltrations.

KMK - Krystaline Waterproof Concrete

KRYSTALINE also grants self-healing properties to concrete through a process called autogenous healing. The crystallizing reaction will remain latent in the concrete and reactivate whenever water is present to generate additional CSH growth, sealing any cracks up to 0.7mm which may form and maintaining the structural integrity of the concrete, thereby increasing the durability and sustainability of structures.

KMK - Krystaline, the future of concrete waterproofing

KMK (Asia) Limited, the specialist supplier and installer of Krystaline, guaranteeing:

- A Long-Term Solution
- A Cost Effective
- An Effective Problem-Solving Capabilities
- A History of Successful Projects
- A Full QA/QC Support on Site in Hong Kong and Macau

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